Stay Positive

Are you battling cancer?Do you know anyone battling cancer?

Aside from all that Chemo therapy and transplants and the unimaginable number of pills you have to take,( Those pills though,we literally had a mini pharmacy at home. Don’t get too excited though, just a cancer pharmacy not all sicknesses,sorry guys) positivity is another of those everyday things you have to “take” so to speak.

You have to be positive with this disease otherwise I kid you not it will eat away at you faster than you can comprehend. Do not give it that power. It really does thrive off bad vibes.

She lived 6 years post cancer, her South African Doctor, Professor Novitsky called her his ” Success story”. Aside from all that was done to help her beat this disease, her positivity was a great contributor to how long she survived. She didn’t think about it as cancer but just another disease that she would get healed of. She was not afraid of Cancer. She did not loom in misery because she had cancer. You would never know she had cancer if you met her. You know how I said I don’t want a pity party, I must have got it from my mama because neither did she.

If you were going to visit her and then linger on the subject of her cancer and “how are you getting by?are you in pain? ” she probably would be careful to have you over the next time. That was negativity that she knew would finish her. She didn’t want it.

In this time she found out a friend of hers had cancer too and on top of giving him the tips to healthy living and what he should do and not do, eat and not eat , she asked him to remain POSITIVE.

Its hard to remain positive when you have cancer. You feel like you could go any minute. He panicked. He could have stayed longer, It is possible to survive more than a year or two, if it is called out in its early stages. I believe it is possible. I think he passed on two years after diagnosis. May his soul rest in Peace.

The point is though… Be positive. Don’t let it drag you down, don’t change your lifestyle just because you have cancer. Sure you have to watch what you eat now and what you expose yourself to. But don’t stop living even before its time. Keep going out on dates, keep driving your children to school, take the holiday to Europe you had been saving for ( I have to tell you guys about that one soon) KEEP LIVING. It is not the End until HE says it is the end don’t let cancer coerce you into forcing HIM to take you before your time. ( I don’t know if people go before their time, we always say it was God’s plan, sometimes though I like to think we can extend it? I don’t know..religion, life and death, such a tricky subject)

So promise me? She did 6 years, maybe you can do 12? 12 though, such an achievable goal,maybe for the rest of your life? You know they could find the cure mid way and then BOOM! For the rest of your life is a reality! Promise me to stay positive?

Okay, now that we have an agreement, I am at peace.In your face Cancer, #mylifemychoice!

Till the next time I plan to bore you with long essays,

love and love




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