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It is okay to cry. It is okay to let tears flow.I know I said I don’t cry, but I only don’t cry(that sounds queer) in front of them. Otherwise, I CRY! ALL THE TIME!

They say girls are emotional, if you don’t believe it, maybe we should become friends just so that you know how far “emotional” goes. and then after that, key in that I am grieving. But( Never start a sentence with ‘but’, and well ,here we are *hides*) I am almost 100% sure you all know how emotional girls are. When those waves of missing her kick in, I cry, I cry myself to sleep, I cry before I leave the house, sometimes they come when I am in School…I don’t cry there but i try to be on my own very much at such a time because if someone was to ask me “Are you okay” the water works would give way and I would probably create a small lake around me.

I cry..no silly, not every single day of every month. My life isn’t so bad, I have been highly blessed and favored. I can’t show God how unappreciative I am. I am not the only one in the whole world who doesn’t have a mum.

What I am saying is that, when you need to cry, when you’re so sad and you cannot think of anything else, when there is that uncomfortable “kiwaru” ( Guys! The stats show that my readers are not only Kenyans, clap clap! Now, Kiwaru = Uncomfortable Knot? I think. In your throat)at the center of your throat that you can only get rid of when you cry…then cry my dear child, cry.

Whether it is your mother,father,brother,sister,friend,uncle or aunt,grams or gramps, Cancer or otherwise, just cry. You need to offload sometimes. It is therapeutic,crying. You release everything you have been holding in.You cleanse your soul and your heart AND your eyes, until the next time when you need cleansing.

Grieving is a process. It doesn’t take a month or two, a year or two, it might ,people are different, but then again it might not. You are allowed to have a few bad days where you just cry. It is part of the healing. Don’t be afraid to. Those who love you will understand when you cry in front of them. your friends? They will understand. If you have kids like me though, maybe let us cry in the bathroom? I think so.

okay now( I think this is becoming a thing),go cry and then have a lovely day šŸ™‚

I shall write again soon( Probably tomorrow)

Love and love,


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  • stella
    3 years ago

    Barbra please cry even me i cry i find crying in the sitting ,bathroom in traffic jam everywhere when i remember my dad (your grandpa) and my two lovely sister it is healthy and it helps through the grieving period don’t feel bad ati you cry please do it for your mum and grandpapa’s and auntie.

    • 3 years ago

      I will Aunty…I will cry until it is all better šŸ™‚ Thank you. Miss them all. xx

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