She should be your best friend. She who carried you for nine months and then went on to take care of you up to this point, THAT woman right there? She should be your best friend.

Because this is that Cancer blog, well mostly emotions as a result of ,but still Cancer, I shall mention him on a regular or blame him here and there. It is his fault anyway and yes today cancer has taken a male persona.

Anyway He taught me a little too late that my mother should be my best friend.But like BEST FRIEND…I don’t know how else to put it to emphasize that I don’t mean the normal type. The ones you fight with and then make up with?With this one..”fight” should be a word your mouth knows not how to pronounce. Your tongue just does not have the strength to roll over to make out that word. That Ideal situation, made a reality.

Sure we were friends sometimes but we fought sometimes too just like any mother and daughter.And those times, the fighting times, He has made me regret them. They say fights strengthen relationships but I urge you to strengthen this relationship with any other means possible. Anything else, Everything else but conflict.He has made me wish that those times I spent sulking should have been spent kissing her forehead or rubbing her feet.

But we cannot let that happen to you. So now listen carefully!

BE her best friend.

Don’t have time to fight or sulk. You are both grown ups, both women( I don’t know why I am assuming I have female readers only, but if you are male don’t feel left out, listen too) both with different mindsets, both very similar but different in many ways too. So it is no shock that you will fight or have arguments ( El Jefe keeps repeating those sentences to me every time I whine about regret to him,i have almost mastered the phrase) but don’t let the sun go down without calling it truce and hugging it out. It is not worth it. Plus quite frankly, the regret will haunt you. But we are dealing with that too right? Regret?yeah.

Go out on dates,text her often,buy her a gift,cook for her,hug her and kiss her on the forehead( When my mum was sick she became like a little child and a kiss on the forehead is what I do with little children and so i gave her many of those) tell her about your relationships.I wish I told my mum about my relationships so that we could laugh and gush over them and so that when I was hurting she would advise me. I really envy those who share and have the opportunity to share relationships in particular, with their mums.. If you don’t already, you better get to it. I have no band wagon for this one. I am trying to jump ship so yes get to it. Regret is not worth it.

If you forget everything you just read at least remember this,foster a good relationship with your mother. Your father too, but today my stress is on mothers. It is important. You never know when they will not be around and you can’t be the type that goes ” I wish I…” That’s me,,,It is not a fun “type” to be.

Remembering how she would light up when we were in a “friends” phase and how she would get so excited to be around me is comforting, at least not all of them were sulky days, I just wish(this is what i’m talking about) I could trade the sulky days for best friend days just to have added memories of her beautiful smile.

So guys remember, BEST FRIENDS! Plus there is something about blessings and parents in the bible too. Don’t do it for the blessings though, that should just be an added bonus.

My mum and I talk. I tell her everything, she responds sometimes. When the sun shines when it really looked like it wasn’t going to show, that’s my mum. In her last months, sitting under the sun for a good dose of Vitamin D became routine. It became a thing. The sun was our thing. ( Sweden has been transitioning into winter but the sunshine that we had on the 2nd and 3rd, guys, MY MUM!!) I might sound crazy but oh well. These types of thoughts keep me going. Hope is good. I LOVE YOU MUM. It really isn’t the same though, conversations with a spirit, so take advantage now.

Tell her you love her.

Okay now my loves,

until a later date.or tomorrow if I am inspired.


dear mom




  • stella
    3 years ago

    Nice gal that is nice keep it up “remembering your MUM my dearest sister”

    • 3 years ago

      I will Aunty Stella, You had an amazing sister!! 🙂 xx

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