Taking Stock

It is a bad habit. This one of not acknowledging your presence? I’m sorry. HEY! how are you doing ? Have you been well? Am I allowed to carry on? Only if you want me to , of course. Or a bit more TLC first? Yes I have been thinking about you, that’s how we are here today?Ca..can I now? Go ahead?Yes?Yes! Great!! 🙂

I have been reading too many blogs not to have picked up this tradition plus I feel two days of bombarding you with sad sad emotions is not fair,so maybe let us do this instead? It is happier anyway?well not really happy…but it is not sad,so that’s a win right? Let us do this then 🙂

Making : Plans to apply for a Visa. Travel the globe anyone?

Cooking: Do you cook dishes or prepare them? Preparing, a lot of new dishes lately, living alone really forces you into that Kitchen. My mum would be proud!

Drinking: Loads of water. I can count the number of times I have had a soda out here. If you have been trying to drink water so as to be healthier, try buying a ‘BOMB’ bottle. It works.

Reading: The telling error by Sophie Hannah. I have been reading this book since I got here. Don’t get me wrong, it is quite the read but between keeping up with school and satisfying my need to watch a movie or two everyday,well see where its got me.

Wanting: To bask under the sun at the Coast in Kenya.

Playing:Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran everyday before I hit the shower. This song though. I hope I don’t start hating it.

Wasting: A lot of time sleeping! Now that I am done for the semester, starting my day at a loose 3pm is quite fitting. lol

Sewing: Haha, Aggie maybe you can start teaching me?

Wishing: I had a proper heater in my room. This is a white standard heater, a girl from the tropics needs some extra extra . Do we say tropics? The people in the North and South are also in a tropic right? So why do we say tropics?gosh. I am panicking, i feel like all the Geography went out through the Window. 🙁

Enjoying: Writing this blog. I don’t know why it took me aeons. I am a shy girl, put me in a room full of people and I crumble. BUT, that doesn’t mean I am not thinking things… I wish I could say so many things but instead I just THINK them and then go home to play out how the scenario would have been had I said them. This blog though, my savior, my hands are doing the talking and the thoughts are SAID now…In writing, yeah But still!!

Liking: The response I am getting. I hope it helps someone out there. If I get too emo for you guys though, tell me, we can easily swap this for a fashion blog. Lol

Wondering: Whether I can manage to keep it strictly about Cancer. I ramble on and on about many things and now that I have a blog, i might just want to do it here. You know from Cancer to what I wore yesterday and then to how some people reason bothers me?lol

Loving: The fact that I have no school until next year!! 🙂

Marveling: At how I am hinting that fashion blog. I love it, fashion, but everyone has one, a blog I mean. I don’t want to get caught up and be “Another one of those fashion bloggers” to people, which is usually followed by some serious EYE ROLL! lol

Needing: I really need that heater.

Smelling: Of Strawberry body mist from body shop. I need to change fragrances and I don’t know to what , so this is my Limbo. lol

Wearing: My purple “High on Life” Jumper. This thing is the Shiznit!!!

Following: How to get away with murder as if my life depended on it. But scandal though, yoh( South Africans in the house?)

Noticing: body change. Exercise does work and so does eating #tears. But for real though, Sweat it and watch it make you smile! Soon il be hashtagging #isquat #iworkout #wateristhetruth #womenwholift , haha all those ones that people have come up with.

Knowing: That it will all get better with time.

Thinking: I have really changed in these 6 months, I might just come back and start talking like “You kenyans..” haha okay okay don’t judge me. I shall not. I promise. I am your home girl guys, chiiiiiil!!! 🙂


Bookmarking: the next page of the telling error? Is that what this question means? I N.E.E.D to finish this book.

Opening: my gmail account every so often. Thanks guys 🙂 I am overwhelmed by all the love. Keep reading and I shall keep writing.

Giggling: at how my Dad’s Friends Daughter’s son (wow that was a mouthful) speaks Swahili. Don’t get me wrong, he is so FLUENT! But there’s something about a white baby( okay not white,mixed race) speaking Kiswahili so fluently. It is so cute. I can’t help but giggle in amazement. FLABBERGASTED was definitely a feeling the first time the words dropped from his mouth. I LOVE this kid.

That’s it for today folks!! ( Was this from looney tunes?lol)






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