No greater Joy

You don’t know how much joy it gives me to know that  I am touching someone’s life out there. That I am helping them in their healing journey as I go through mine. One stone , two birds? That people are actually taking time out of their days to read through my blog posts and you guys know how much I write, and how we ONLY have 24 hours in a day and YET you still take time. Man,you guys are the Real MVP’s!!

I haven’t been blogging too long now. I can’t even start talking about that blogging life, but when I do, ignore that stuff. I don’t know nothing yet. They say its hard and requires commitment. Okay maybe not hard, is it hard guys? At the moment I am like a new born, I do a post everyday because I am so excited. Well except the weekends, ya’ll need breathing space.( The only reason I am not doing two is because I don’t want you guys to get tired, because I write so much.oops. sorry) Darn it, i just went off topic.

Back to it… what I was saying is that I have already received messages from people who are grieving too and how much I have influenced their journey to recovery and letting go.  There is no greater joy than this, the point of this blog was for me and to help ME to recover. BUT remember I said I had a band wagon? Yeah, I was secretly hoping that I get a number of people with me and I AM!!

I SHALL keep posting guys, I promise. But now this is the time I conform to all that blogger behavior and go like ” If there is any topic you specifically want me to touch on,please leave a comment below” I am not just quoting it. I am actually asking 🙂

I might forget some things about this whole journey that you might want to hear about. Like how I dealt with something back then, how we did something back then, how it is affecting me now, expert information maybe? I can try that one too.

ANYTHING really guys, TRY ME!! * comment section below, I’m waiting 🙂 *

Hahaha, you guys We will be fine! I don’t know why I laughed at the beginning there . I guess it’s just that realization that this life is really crazy but GOD is very much present and He promises we will be fine. Plans to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future? He ain’t kidding guys. I promise 🙂

Okay then, Il be out here waiting to hear what you guys have to say and hopefully the posts following this one will be specific to some of you.

CANNOT wait. Very excited.

Also, Happy Jamhuri Day my fellow Kenyans. Have a good one 🙂

Until later then,

Love and Love,


clappingFor you my loves xx



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