The Giraffe

I don’t know if it’s just Kenyans or everyone around the world, but Christmas time is almost always equals to “travel somewhere”. It could be anywhere from Upcountry to Sweden to the Coast  and even to the Maasai Mara. But there are also those times when a Christmas at home is just as good and is very much appreciated. Last year, we had planned to go to the Coast, It was my sisters plan, It had really been a while since we had been there and she desperately wanted to go and then Cancer happened and those plans became a rumor. But staying home this time was not a plan either, the thoughts and pain would eat us alive. We had to get away. Somewhere, anywhere.Just as long as we would not be reminded of the tragedy that had just taken place. And so Kilaguni is where we found ourselves. It is such a beautiful place I must say and worth the visit if your looking for an ” in touch with nature” experience. ( Is this the part where I get paid for advertising on my blog?lol)

Now this story is about the Giraffe. So because being out in the wilderness means game drives we conformed and there we were aiming to spot the BIG FIVE before the sun went to sleep if that’s what it….okay, No game drive lasts that long, not when you started in the morning. Or can It? It can?I don’t think it should, but to each their own right?

Anywaaaaaay….so we had finally spotted three of the five and we were about done. We had seen enough zebra’s and buffalo’s for one day and we had ticked off three of the five. The Leopard being one of them. We were satisfied.It was about time.

So we start heading back to the resort but somehow we just got lost, we did not have a tour guide with us and now it was on us to try and find our way back. We literally went round in the same circle for about 45 minutes, always ending up where we started. I was particularly exhausted and very irritated by this point and I just wanted to go back to the resort and relax. My dad had been driving for hours and must have been harboring the same feelings if not on a larger scale.

” Okay, whatever it is that has brought us here, show yourself!” he exclaimed.

We were at a dead end and we were tired. Then it happened! Just as my dad was reversing the car so we could retrace our steps (do we say steps for a car?) we saw it. The GIRAFFE . In its ever so glorious beauty, so so close to the car. It was literally about ten steps away ,blocking our path and it did not flinch, we were awe struck. Not that we had never seen a giraffe before, no. Just that it appeared at the utterance of those words and even more so because we all felt that warmth that she would bring. I felt it…my first thought was , MUM! and theirs was too, because after that, it was all they could talk about. How they know she is watching over them AND, we also found the way back almost immediately. I marveled at His sense of humor. I could almost hear His laugh. Oh gosh, God is so good.I  can’t tell you how that just changed our Christmas all together.  She was away that Christmas but very much present. It was all we needed to know.

Now you guys must think I am crazy. How I feel her presence in the weirdest things like the sun and the giraffe?But you know there’s no other way but this one. FAITH AND HOPE. It is important. To have faith that she is well and watching over us and hope that we will soon meet again.

It helps with the healing, knowing that she is just fine, It is great. It would really suck though if I found out that these were ways that helped me stay in a bubble, refusing to accept the reality. My brain better not be playing games with me. But is it my brain? or is it my heart? Or my soul? What has influenced this kind of behavior? I think it queer at times, but it helps me move on. Is it queer?

I promise you guys, I am not a delusional crazy YOUTH! (lol, still giggling at that word)… I am perfectly normal, You would never know half of these things if it wasn’t for this blog. But is it normal? I need to know whether people feel this way. You know,attach memories to things and when some particular event happens you pounce on it and claim it is your loved one?

For now though, the giraffe and the sun, My homeboys!! 🙂

Love and love,





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