Loved and Supported

Have you ever watched a bone marrow procedure being done? Probably not. I cannot remember whether this was part of the actual transplant or just a procedure, I need to ask. For now, “Procedure” will have to do.

I remember being a little bit scared, but she wasn’t. She did not even flinch.I watched as Professor Novitsky drilled into her bone. DRILLED! Oh I watched because the whites ( Is this a proper reference?) are just those people who are rarely phased. Like you know how a black parent would NEVER in a million years take their 3 month old baby swimming but a white parent would do it as soon as possible so as to narrow down the things they have to teach their kids? How a white parent would allow their kids to roll over in the mud as long as it pleased the child but catch a black parent dead ” Allowing it” ? You get my drift? So yes, just like that, Professor Novitsky couldn’t understand for the life of him why I shouldn’t watch.

” You have to know what mummy goes through, right?”

And so I watched as he drilled away. It looked gruesome, sounded excruciating but Mrs. my mother did not flinch. Not even once. I was twisting and turning on the inside, kind of the way you feel when you say, it makes me feel “thithi” ( Did I spell that right? I don’t know how to translate that for my foreign readers) but she did not utter a word.

And then she moved, finally her nerves were working and she was going to complain about the pain! WRONG, she wanted to know how much longer she had to lie on her tummy because she was now getting tired. I could not believe it, this woman, mum of steel!!

Cancer patients are such strong people. The toll all the treatment takes on them and they still come out smiling and say they are okay. Then they manage to beat the Cancer and we say an Amen but we barely know the back story. How they puked the whole night because their medication was messing up their system. How they nose bled the whole morning because its just one of those side effects. How they are so hungry but can’t eat because the smell of food is repulsive and they just don’t have an appetite. How unexplainable painful wounds form on their body and then burst in the middle of the night causing untold pain. How they miss their long luscious hair that fell all the way to just above their butt and now have to deal with a bald head and wigs.

Emotional, psychological and physical pain and some of them still manage to come out winning.

We see your struggle cancer patients. We may not even begin to understand what you are going through but from what we hear it is hard. We just want you to know that our prayers are with you. That you may be healed of this disease to the point that someone would laugh in your face because of disbelief when you begin to tell them that ” Once upon a time, I had Cancer”

You are loved and supported. Be strong. Pray hard. Stay Positive. You have come this far, do not give up.

Love and Love,





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