The Package

Have you ever waited for a package so long that you underwent different stages of ” Package awaiting” ? Where phase one involves being excited that the thing is actually on the way. And phase two is where your hope is a little diminished because its been four days and the said package is nowhere near you. Phase three involves name calling and hate for the courier service and calling them out for their incompetence. Phase four is when you have completely given up and any change in the location as per the tracking number does not phase you. And then there’s phase five when you remember you actually NEED said package so now your prayers sound more like ” God I thank you for everything and I know I should be content but today I am really going to be a bit more demanding and just ask you to PLEASE get them to deliver it. I know I am asking too much but pleaase just come through” ,,,,and then you say the same prayer everyday until…..

Now you just have to say thank you! The package is in your city. FINALLY!!!!

God answers prayers. He surely does. At His own time obviously but He never lets us down. Ever. You should see the smile on my face this morning! The Christmas Spirit is very much alive and I feel like this is the time to go all out and ask Him for your heart’s desires. It was His Birthday a few days ago and I feel like He is in the giving mood.

I have to mention also that THE SUN IS OUT TODAY. Yes we have thick layers of snow and we have been dealing with negative temperatures. It probably is still negative even now but the sun is out to play and I couldn’t think of a better day to receive this package. It is like they are all rooting for me. It really is great.

Have a blessed day my lovelies….and Remember He says ” Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened” ESPECIALLY Now. lol.

okay ,

love and love


Disclaimer: This post is highly unrelated to cancer, Im sorry guys but we just need some happy in our lives sometimes. Also…. I am never getting anything delivered around the holiday season again. Too much mental and emotional pain. lol




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