Cancer free January

Hej! Hur mar du? ( Hey! How are you?)

I have recently been getting in touch with my inner swede and throwing in phrases here and there that I remember from the classes I took has become a common thing. I think It is because It is finally hitting home that I am leaving soon and it couldn’t be more bitter sweet.

So before I go any further, I have to let you know that the next couple of posts will have very little, if at all,anything related to cancer. But I warned you guys right? Don’t be mad…. I just have a few words for this lovely continent that is Europe and I cannot up and leave without doing it word justice.

Also, I realized that my blog will be a piece that I will review in future that will take me back to the old me and I can then use it to measure how much I have grown. It will also be the platform that enables me to relive memories for old times sake or give me a nudge when I feel stuck. Tales of my travels will be something I will definitely be happy to read again and what better way to document them than Via this blog.

So, just for January allow me to bore you with my adventures in Europe. From the beautiful countries I visited, to the lovely souls I met and even those comments that we receive as Africans that leave us wondering whether the West is really aware of anything other than the West.

This is a sad blog many a times, or at least some of you have mentioned. You say it appeals to your heart and you can relate but it still doesn’t change the fact that it is sad anyway. So lets have some fun this month and forget the real bitch that cancer happens to be. Just for one month…because trust my tales on cancer are never too happy.

okay, shall we? Yes!

stay tuned .

love and love,





  • Nyawira gachugi
    5 years ago

    this blog is very heart oriented… the hearts still needs happy times as well…
    oh and i wish i was in europe

    • 5 years ago

      Yes yes it needs happy!! Oh I will make sure I go into every detail, make you feel like you were right next to me 🙂 x

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