Around Europe in 6 months #1

I really have to say though, it is not been exactly 6 months. it is like 5. something, but its easier to say 6, so 6, yes? good.

So now, I mentioned earlier how each country taught me something and impacted me in a different way. I really did mean that. It was not me just trying to add to the word count of that post. lol

okay so walk with me.

I landed in Sweden and the very next week we had all planned trips to visit different places. It was easy to get caught up in all of it and spend all your money at once and the fact that it is so cheap to travel within Europe did not help the situation. And so like this, Denmark was the first stop.

One train away, about three hours and about 3000 Kenyan Shillings to cover the transport and I was in Denmark, Copenhagen! I have to say that this was one of my best trips.

One because, I had absolutely no plan for what I would do! My house mates said “let us go to Denmark” and I said ” sweet”. I did not google things to do, places to visit, etc etc, I just let the trip take me where it willed. Lol. Sometimes this is the best way to travel, Zero expectations!

Two, I was traveling with people whom I barely knew to a different country. We had only been around each other for a few weeks,most of them in the confines of our rooms, and here we were planning to spend a whole weekend together. To be all up in each others space.It was bound to be interesting.

And so there we were, 8 excited exchange students at the train station waiting to catch the train to the neighboring country.

I have to mention though, I was the only one who looked like I was going away on a trip. Because, trust my black ass to have a whole suitcase packed for a three day trip. A RED suitcase that I hurriedly borrowed from my friend Hayat.and my Carry On obviously!

Everyone else was accustomed to this whole traveling and backpacking thing so all they had was a carry on.( Black girl problems guys!) I remember thinking, “How the hell did your towel and a change of clothes for three days fit in there? Plus two pairs of shoes? and an extra jacket?”  You quickly learn that nobody cares if you wear the same pair of trousers for three days straight because I was the only one who found this weird.

I have to go backpacking in Like Tanzania or something, we need to practice these skills closer to home ,lol.

Slowly though, I was thankful I dragged my suitcase along with me when a friend realized that she forgot to pack her “essentials” loool,( She is so special, I heart this girl) and others had to think about paying for a towel at the inn or dry off somehow, because hey, we are just students and we need to save that money #tears.

Denmark reinforced for me the fact that I was capable of making my own decisions and taking care of myself. I mean I didn’t call Dad and say I was going to Denmark, I just up and left, it was on me after all to make sure that I spent my money wisely and take care of myself. I would alert him later though about my change in scenery.

We went sight seeing thanks to my lovely house mates who actually planned for this trip. From the Castles to the Towers and the red, green, blue and yellow buildings all over.The famous parks. The monuments. The musuems ( This was the most boring part, I was done after 30 Minutes. Everyone was excited about ancient bones and shit, I was like uuum yeaaaah,we have those at home,show me something new) Took a canal tour and enjoyed the lovely weather the country had to offer that day. We went to Carlsberg brewery and enjoyed free beers.How could we say no? We went to a flea market because the black girl in me just had…I wasn’t even going to buy anything….I just wanted to feel like I was at toi again. lol

It also showed me the power of freedom and how to use it within its bounds. I was free to do whatever I liked. I had no one to answer to and it was on me if I chose to walk the narrow streets of Copenhagen with those boys from Berlin I met the night before to grab a burger from McDonalds or go to Christiania and well…you have to go to Christiania, I cannot even begin to describe that place. I have to say though, It was the most amazing experience ever.

Denmark was so good to me and would go back again and again and I wouldn’t get tired of seeing the Pink buildings. My Zero expectations were completely fulfilled!!!

Some pictures to Enjoy 🙂

Credits : Yuli 🙂

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  • 5 years ago

    Wow what a beautiful place ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 5 years ago

      It is indeed a beautiful place. You are very welcome 🙂

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