Växjö to Sala

So my next post was going to be about the people and culture of the Danes…mostly the people. We all know that is one key point of travel ,to be able to see how a different culture operates and what not. BUT….we can’t discuss that today. I HAVE TO TELL YOU about yesterday.

So I was moving cities from my little lovely city Växjö to another little city in Sweden called Sala. See I have one more week left here so I am doing a bit of local tourism but also because the journey from Sala to Arlanda C ( The airport ) is just one hour away and you take a direct train. From Växjö however, you have to make two train changes and there is no way I can start dealing with that kind of stress when I’m trying to catch a plane.

This is why.

My black ass gat too much luggage. Why ain’ nobody tell you when you’re traveling to carry just one suitcase?Why? Because seriously. I would have survived 6 months with one suitcase of clothes….trust me though to pack my whole bedroom plus my duvet which I had to part with because there was just no space. YEAH that along with about 6 paper bags full of clothes. Thank God for H&M and the good work they are doing taking back old clothes…I really don’t know what they are doing actually but I imagine recycling? Plus you get discounts so that’s a plus! Yeah for my suitcase too…eyeroll.

So there I am yesterday, two bloody suitcases…one that you can barely drag by the way because THE EXCUSE it has for wheels are just beyond me, plus my carry on, remember it? And, my handbag. I spent the previous night thinking how I was going to die and trust me die I did.

Bjorn my amazing swede dad, dropped me at a train station out of our city so that I only had to make one train change seeing that the 55kg( I lost weight, sigh) girl with pigtails on her head couldn’t possibly handle two train changes with all those bags. Oh bless his soul.

Didn’t count for a thing though when my train was delayed by an hour. So we made what we thought was a wise decision and I jumped onto a wrong train headed in the right direction! lol. Jumped? No , more like Bjorn had to literally push me into the train because I got stuck at the door trying to enter with my bags. But I have to say, that door was tiny.

Got to the next stop about two hours later and realized I had to wait for an hour for MY train to Sala…damn! The lady checking tickets on the train to Vasteräs felt sorry for me though. Poor old pig tailed African girl sitting on her bags in the cold ( I couldn’t possibly go into the station and come back in time without breaking my back with those bags). She let me get on her train. Wrong train Number 2! It wasn’t going to Sala but she was sure I would get one from the last stop on the route. Warm again…thank God.

Another two hours and we are in Vasteräs, It has been dark since 3pm…its 7:30pm now…my train is at 8:30pm. My body is finished. My back hurts, my hands are sore. My feet are freezing. Steal my bags if you must but I am going to sit inside and wait for this train. WRONG train number 3.

I wandered at the station for one hour with no clue what was going on with the bags that I left at the platform…ha! I lie….I was watching those bags like a hawk. I was in the station,yes. I even used the bathroom.BUT, I found a strategic spot and kept my eyes on those bags. Oh hell no honey…ain no way I’m parting with those bags, not after I have dragged them around the whole day! and one of them has that H&M dress (Can i get paid for advertizing? I mean this is the second mention,lol) I bought? Not today satan, not today!lol . I doubt anyone would steal my bags here… I trust them, but if there was a possibility, the thief would be put off by the hustle it would take. Nevertheless, I kept my eyes on them until the train arrived. 25 minutes to Sala.

Sala. Im here. Finally. NO taxi. Wait for thirty minutes. Why me? El jefe wants to come pick me up himself…too bad he can’t make it in time from Kenya. I want to cry. Taxi is here. I’m home. EAT!! (Barbara, our family friend who is hosting me , made dinner ,chicken wings, she knew) Shower. Black out.

I am not even complaining….I am so thankful I got here safe. This is just to tell you WOMEN, pack light! Always!! ha….who am I kidding? That one pair of shoes that only goes with that dress but not the other so you must carry the other pair too and those jackets that match differently. Oh bless us. I just hope you manage.

I however, have learned my lesson. NEVER AGAIN! Not when I am alone at least.lol

Also thank you to all the Swedes that helped me at some point or another with my bags! TACK SA MYCKET!!! KRAM!!!!

Tomorrow we shall talk CPH, maybe.

love, B.




  • Pat Manyuru
    4 years ago

    Haha you really have a way with words Barbara! Glad you traveled well.

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