It wouldn’t be doing justice if I was in the Scandinavian region and did not tour all the three countries, ergo Norway was a must!!

And so it was told that they went south of Sweden and into Norway. A week full of adventure, beauty and ‘firsts’.

This one was a school trip organized by the board for exchange students. We left early, we would be on the road for hours before we got to Oslo and so it was essential. We slept,woke up, ate ,took selfies, played Korean hand games ( I watched ) went back to sleep. We stopped for bathroom breaks,commented on the weird driving of the driver. SHOPPING TIME, back in the bus,,,wonderland, that was a dangerous bump, I need water. OSLO!

FINALLY! We had been in the bus so long my butt was numb and my limbs tingled the minute I tried to move them because they had not been in action so long.

Oslo was mostly about the history of the City and the Kings and the old City and the New city which we toured. As well as the Oslo Opera house and the night life. The Magic Ice bar is a great tourist attraction. Partying in Under Zero temperatures for about 45 minutes because any longer and you could easily freeze. I only got as far as the entrance, I was straight from home and not ready for that type of cold commitment but it is definitely something to check out. We also visited the Vigelandsparken sculpture park and it was nothing like I had ever seen before…beautiful beyond words. 20141002_122125         20141002_123102 20141002_172817 20141002_172851 20141002_173221                    20141002_174145

We were in the city for two days and we were even lucky to watch a procession by the army, navy and many other institutions of the Norway Monarchy I would say, I am not sure but I think so.  Two days and we had covered almost all the tourist attractions and now it was time for the real adventure. The lessons.

You are stronger than you think, fears are all in your mind Barbara. Believe in yourself Norway said.

We were off to Jostedal…Another crazy number of hours in the bus …a couple of minutes in the ferry…..under tunnels for about an hour…darkness, naps…snacks,,,stretch. Yawn …irritation..sweat, JOSTEDAL!

Now this part of Norway was all about the landscape. Those that leave you mouth agape and admitting that there is indeed a God, because no way, no how could mountains rise like that and rivers flow so smooth. Have you seen a pretty river? Are rivers ever described as pretty? Norway though….absolut amaze! *no ‘e’ because the swede in me*

First morning in Jostedal and we had to prepare to go hiking and then kayaking. I was ecstatic…like I said before the outdoors is my thing and I couldn’t have been more excited. I have completed all my President’s awards hiking trips…this was going to be a breeze…Obviously!

But first Kayaking. Sungwoon and I paired up and got into the same Kayak. We were laced and ready to do this. I sat at the back….my work was to work the pedals and the grab handle. I was to move to the tune of Sungwoon’s steering…since she sat at the front, she was in control.

Picture this….the shyest Korean girl ever and the African girl with a weak heart in a kayak in the middle of a glacial lake. Let us just say…we almost overturned a number of times…swear words were not held back….I almost cried….I called upon the motherland and named all my friends I was thankful to have in my life.

See when no one else can see that you are in colossal danger including the guides then honey, you best scream and shout lest you die in a glacial lake in Jostedal, in Norway, continents away from home. Because tell me, how the hell is your family going to come and recover your body? Black family…the ones that Trevor Noah talks about…naah bruh im good. My black ass will scream till you come get me!

So yes…we were hooked onto the guides Kayak and brought up to the shore. I wasn’t even embarrassed…I enjoyed the ride and let the wind travel through my braids…sit back and relax! Plus anyway, i’d kick everyone’s butt in hiking…I was a pro. Yeah, until i heard it was glacial hiking. GLACIAL! Like Ice…..oh snaaaaaap!

My ass was wearing vans…the spikes to attach to your shoes for the Ice were definitely not meant for vans. And then we came to the parts that we had to jump crevasses to get to the other side…Me?You want me to jump over that?and if I fall in? Mind you I was first on the line behind the guide because trust the African girl cannot be the one at the back, the one who everyone depends on.

This is becoming such a long post but let me say that I made it up the glacier and back down. I was stronger than my fears. I made it. That feeling you get after you have accomplished something great checked in so fast…I was so proud of myself. The guides were so impressed and said that I was the first Kenyan to make it up that particular glacier. Oh how I wish they gave me a certificate or something because my word alone… I could be

You might want to visit Norway soon. You shall not be disappointed. Just Remember to drive to the border and shop in Sweden for all your groceries and what not. Its the Norwegian way. Who doesn’t want to buy cheap groceries? Yes they actually do this…imagine me going to Uganda because it is cheaper. The wonders of the west.

Disclaimer : I am not talented in Photography, all the nice looking photos were taken by my housemate Dylan.

Hej da.

Taken by my friend Dylan. Can you see what I had to jump…I still get shivers



Before I joined the light skin wagon.

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