Stocking it

I think this is an appropriate time for taking stock, since I will be back home in a couple of days and it will be good to kind of point me in the direction I want to go. Assuming of course, my sub conscious has a direction planned. We write this off the top of our heads right? We hope that it is productive…Here we go!

Making : Plans to buy shares and invest in a project. 2015 is for wealth generation guys.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment, I am in bed, It is about 10am. Barbara’s 5 year old son and I are just lounging.

Drinking : A lot of green tea and Caramel Vanilla Tea. I love being in Sala!

Reading : Nothing . I started on Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling but it was a borrowed book and I had to give it back so I might have to find it on the Internet. I am however, going to buy a swedish Novel and my goal is to read it in 5months. I am allowed because it is not in English. Jag är glad! 🙂

Wanting : To go to the coast for a weekend. Soak in that Mombasa sun. However, I hear Nairobi is just as hot so maybe I should spend the money on more shares?

Playing : In the snow every TIME i get out of the house! Sala is more North than Växjö and so they get much more depth. I literally cannot see my boots when I walk in the thick of it . I love it.

Wasting : No time this semester. That GPA is moving on up guys.

Sewing: Nothing, I’m just not gifted like that. My friend Teshie is though, Check it. It is more than sewing though  I am new to linking.

Wishing: I get time to re-decorate my room at home. At the moment it feels like a 21 year old girl refusing to let go of her 12 year old self. And there is too much of everything everywhere. Time to re-paint and re-organize.

Enjoying : My last days in Sweden. I shall truly miss this place but I am already looking at possibilities of coming back, give me about two years .

Liking: The gift I got for my dad….doesn’t come close enough to express my gratitude though. I love my daddy.

Marveling : At how easy it is for me to gain and lose weight when I’m at peace. MARVELOUS!

Needing : To get my bags checked in like yesterday. Oh how I am dreading that journey to the airport.

Smelling : Oh I don’t know….BUT, i got a new fragrance!! A friend sent me one as a gift to the UK so that my brother could go back home with it but I have no idea what it is,can’t wait to see!

Wearing : My hair in pig tails since last week. I am feeling 12 ish.

Following : Numerous fitness pages. I have an ideal body goal and I am determined. Hehe, the little things that you do for YOU that make you happy, It is allowed.

Noticing : That the world is a pool of opportunities. I love it! This 2015 energy that everyone’s got has me feeling some type of way. Also…i have been typing ‘ancy’ when I actually mean “Antsy” , so embarrassing though.

Knowing : that  i will be very frustrated with the pace at which things work in Kenya. Once you experience efficiency, there is no turning back. Sigh.

Thinking : I should then learn to control my anger and be a bit more patient, raising my voice and eye rolling them will not make them do it any faster.Sigh.

Feeling : Very excited but very anxious to go back home. I’m gonna miss my swede families and friends so much and all the people I met back at my host university,however, I cannot wait to see my family and all my friends!

Bookmarking : uuum wow…now that I’m not reading a book. This is a bit tricky.

Opening : A new bank account when I am back home at a different bank! Let us just say I am most dissatisfied with the service at my current. Also opening a savings account.

Giggling : At how silly I am for not noticing the features on my laptop. This thing sends me news updates and foods to eat and fitness exercises and I had no idea. lol

That’s it for today folks,

love and love,





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