An all expenses paid trip that I had not planned for is what this is.

I started the day early in the morning at 6:30 am…I have a train to catch at 9am and there are so many last minute things I have to do. There is also the fact that I spent half the night worrying about having to pay 100 Euros for my overweight bags. Mind you that was after I had emptied a good chunk of them and found the stuff a home in Barbara’s wardrobe. Also there are the whole train maneuvers I have to pull with bags that I can barely handle. It will be a long day.

Again, Thank God for the kind swede Lady who helped me get them onto the train. I am not so lucky getting off though but I can’t complain, everyone is worried about missing their planes. However, this means I go up and down two sets of escalators twice on each…that is 6 times around the escalators in total. I must look like a nut case. Someone just stared me down…definitely a nut case.

The next hurdle is the weight. Let us just say, it pays off to be two hours early and have a cute, young swede man as the guy behind the check in counter. We talk about everything else BUT the weight of my bags. I would have easily gotten away with my bags with everything I left behind in them. I am thankful that is over. The next time I have to deal with those bags would be in Nairobi, in a few many hours,;lol. Phew!

That was the plan. No one told me though, that the weather had planned it so that I would get to spend the night and most of the morning in AMSTERDAM! Apollo Amsterdam!! Oh thank God for my Swedish residents permit which means I can leave at my own free will. No airport beds…swerve.

I’m excited because usually you’re in an amazing city but you can’t leave. The fact that I could leave the airport and then that I was checked in to a decent hotel…decent?No…far from it, on the good side obviously!!

Let me break it down…the wall facing my bed has in built mirrors with a flat screen TV,,, I’m watching some crime series. My bed…my double bed has the most vintage headboard ever and the shower…oh the hot shower….after my plane being delayed for about three hours and then hearing my next flight was a rumor…a nice hot shower is all I wanted.Suweeeet!!

I leave in the morning at about 11, I had a bird’s view of the city from the 17th floor as I had dinner. IL probably enjoy the same view tomorrow during breakfast. It is unfortunate / fortunate that I have to leave tomorrow. I would have loved to tour this city. Oh well, the ride from the hotel back to the airport will have to do. At least I get a stamp on my passport saying that I was in Amsterdam…that is one more country right? A win, yes?

It will have to do….tomorrow then,Dubai are you ready?

Goodnight 🙂




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