End of the road

We got to Dubai at around 12:00 Kenyan time. Our next flight was in two hours. Finally my homecoming was looking like a reality.

To be honest after the crazy amounts of delays I had leaving Sweden and then getting to Amsterdam and having to get re booked, I had decided that I was not to see Africa in the near future. Europe was not letting go..I had become theirs…no one likes to lose their own…not even her. Lol

I was content with spending a few more nights at the Ramada Hotel in Amsterdam as I contemplated what I would do with my life and how I would get started. lol….Okay maybe now I am getting a tad bit too dramatic. Excuse me.

I Landed in Nairobi…yeah I know Finally. It has been a few days now. I have been trying to settle in and hence the silence. From the 5 classes I attended the day after I landed, to meeting all my close friends and family and then trying to unpack…and and…I have had no time to write your daily love letter.

I probably will not even be able to get to write daily. See I have to catch up with a weeks work of school that I missed at the same time trying to get used to everything here.

Not much has changed, It is the EXACT same way I left it. But I still feel a tad bit different..I am currently dealing with the attention I am getting from being so “Light skin” …lol. It is actually very funny…I can almost swear someone somewhere¬† mentioned how I went away to bleach myself ,because the stares are even scary. Rumors in Nairobi , you can never evade them. I am definitely shades lighter than I was…I don’t see it when I look at myself in the mirror…but rumor has it…lol

Also I am peeling! A LOT! The sun has just shocked my body a good one…I mean from negative temperatures to 26 degrees I can see why. I am hiding in the house and leaving only when necessary.

We are talking a lot about outward appearances ,maybe because It is the most noticeable change. Il write about other changes though…later…definitely before this January series is over.¬† ( I know it is 26th, il have to work some magic of some sort ) And then It is back to the cancer? or maybe changing the dynamics of the blog? I don’t know..we shall see. Talk to you soon though,,,okay? I have to figure out this capital budgeting question …the assignment is due next week. My slow death has began.

love and love,




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