Taking Stock 2/2015

Happy New Month you beautiful people!! I can’t believe how fast January went by, I barely got time to catch my breath and process the month. Everything is just happening so fast. Anyway…its time for another one of these. Here we go!

Making : Short memory notes for all the Cats I have tomorrow!!

Cooking : I haven’t chopped onions or put a pan on the cooker since I came back. I am slacking…this month though, Barbara’s Kitchen! In fact, i might just make dinner tonight.

Drinking : I think my answer will always be water. And let us not forget how hot it is in Nairobi, Water has literally become the S.I Unit of my life.

Reading : The devil Wears Prada, The Swedish Version!!!! I am still on page one but with the way my life has been moving so fast, I think I am allowed.

Wanting : To arrange my room and stop living off ” The chair” . I finally unpacked my suitcase but I didn’t get to arranging my wardrobe so then well…the chair.

the chair

Playing : ” Kisses for breakfast, Early in the morning … ” It is stuck in my head now!

Wasting : No time and No money! I am doing well guys!! 🙂

Sewing : SIGH! I will remove this question….Il never have a positive answer.

Wishing : I could go back to that ” Winter Life “. My skin got so used to the cold, I literally burn up when I’m in the sun for too long. Like I could be on fire. But I appreciate the sun don’t get me wrong.

Enjoying : Spending time with my friends! Life makes no sense without them around.

Liking : The progress of my shares talk! Soon il be all about that stock exchange life! Excited!

Wondering :Where I will be in the next five months. Like mentally, physically,emotionally…all that.How firm will the decisions I make now..be then?

Loving : The fact that I got a job!! I cannot wait to sign the contract to make it official. I probably should have waited to sign first before getting all excited. But I BELIEVE it will all go well.

Marveling : At all the positive energy around me. The grass is so much greener on this side. Who has the time or energy for negative vibes even?

Needing : A fortune teller! I am currently not liking how unpredictable the future is. Usually I don’t mind,, today though…I really could use a fortune teller. Maybe it is just today though.

Smelling : Smelling? Do you smell of something? If you smell of something it means you stink no? like instead of “nuka” we use “nukia” if its a good scent right? In English then? Lol…anyway Strawberry body mist from The body Shop! It is just a requirement for this weather.

Wearing : A lot of black and white outfits. I did not even realize that that is my current new obsession.

Following : Well being followed by 1,146 followers on my blog!!! I passed the 1K mark!! You guys are such Gems!! Thank you! Asante sana! Tack sa mycket!! 🙂  * Follow follow follow *

Noticing : That I care not for updating my everyday life details down to the nitty gritty’s on social media anymore. I think I am about done with my instagram page…lol. Are we growing up? We…sorry, am I? ( Don’t judge if I put up a picture soon)

Knowing : That I need a whole day’s sleep to recover from how busy I have been of late.

Thinking : All things are possible.

Feeling : ENERGIZED! Like I could do anything I wanted. I have this crazy drive…..hop on guys!

Bookmarking : The chapters of my course texts for my Finance classes! Let me tell you, this Semester will be the end of me! Only for a new re birth of course 🙂

Opening : uuum….I can’t think of anything today.

Giggling : at how comical people can be.

That is it Folks…until when I next have a minute.

Love and Love,




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