The Thing Is

So here is the thing.

I honestly ,truly thought I had put on a little meat on my bones and a few Kilos on the weight scale. The weight scale…I actually did get a few kilos on that. If you’ve been following this blog,Oh so religiously, because I mean why not? ( Allow me to get a little vain here) then you know how excited I was about an 8kg weight gain.

But here is the thing.

I came back to Kenya and my bubble was busted on arrival. No warning. No nothing. I was not even given time to process. Almost like Sweden and my life there was a dream. The perfect dream! and then I had to snap back to reality. Kenya is my reality just in case I lost you on the way.

Now the thing is.

I seemed NOT to have gained weight. My dad is convinced that I just have heavy bones and that is all. I am as tiny as I was when I left home. Possibly tinnier actually!How is this even possible?

How do I know? Remember my sister? No no my daughter? My 13 year old one? The thing is that I am so tiny that we now…get this…we NOW …share clothes!!! I am OLD ,she is 13! We share trousers, dresses, T-shirts you name it!! In fact, some of my clothes might not fit her because they are too SMALL!

Woman hold Fat Fit Weight loss Diet Scale

I am in utter shock and in disbelief! I mean I am excited that I can now live the life I have always wanted. That one where I can walk in to her wardrobe and pick whatever I wanted and it would fit perfectly. That one girls who have sisters closer in age live. The one where they share clothes and they can literally go months without repeating an outfit because I mean why would you even think to repeat an outfit?

I digress though. Why am I so tiny? Did my metabolism just upgrade to the 2.0 Beta version and I had no idea? Did the trauma of death and cancer hit me so bad,give my body such an immense shock that I now cannot get out of?Like did my body get so used to this that it is unable to change now? I cannot put my finger on it but I have to say I am utterly disappointed. I miss the days when i was rocking a healthy 60 -65 kgs and walking around as a “curvy” girl.

So now that is the thing. This is where I am at.

This post is soooo off topic but I just had to. You had to know my current situation. I had to fill you in, lest you bump in to me and wonder why the first thought in your brain is anorexia. Okay I think I’m pushing it…maybe I am being overly dramatic. Im just trying to make this story sweeter. You know us Yes I call myself a writer, ha! I wish.

Okay then tomorrow,

I have a cancer story.

Bye xx



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