How Long over due is this post though? Blame it on how stressful my life is at the moment. I need a vacation or two with the way things are going to be honest. All the same though, It is finally here.

Making: A lot of noise as I break this Ice cube in my mouth. Is this a bad habit? Is it bad for my teeth?

Cooking : The menu for this week has Honey dipped pork chops included in it and boy am I EXCITED! I made Lasagna last week and it gave me quite the rush. I love being in the Kitchen. It sucks that I can’t do it everyday.

Drinking : Soda! It has started creeping up back into my diet, I NEED TO STOP!

Reading :I haven’t read my novels in weeks 🙁 I got caught up with school. This is bad.

Wanting: CHANGE! Change is good. Some people are afraid of change and rightfully so. However,being able to move from your comfort zone, into a “new” zone, one that brings positive change of course, is essential for your growth. EMBRACE IT!

Playing : 4- 5 Seconds by Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney. LOVE IT!

Wasting : Time sleeping. I am annoyed at this!

Wishing : I could rewind my life back to last year December and January this year. I was mentally, Physically and emotionally at a good place. Right now?Not so much.

Enjoying : Being off the grid. Taking a break from social media every once in a while is healthy. A NICE CLEAN breath of fresh air. * Too much repetition in that sentence but only for emphasis 🙂 *

Liking : My squat progress!!Lol.

Wondering: How is that GPA gonna go up? The studies are literally murdering me.

Loving: My friends Company. The type that shows up at my house on a Friday morning for breakfast and ring the Bell like they own the place. After which studying for like ten minutes follows and then DANCE SESSION till dark. I love you all from here to the moon and back times INFINITY! See you Friday?

Marveling : at online series watching. I mean I knew it existed but I was addicted to downloads,,,This side of the grass though, Too green. lol

Needing: To disappear for a few days. Put myself together and start again? Recollection is always a good thing no?

Smelling : Of my perfume duuh. lol

Wearing: A black maxi dress…The weather has outlined the essentials.

Following :EMPIRE….finally! But Guys what was the hype? I mean Cookie is quite something but other than  that? Sigh….as Vanessa, Joy and Feizal eyeball me. Lol

Noticing : That I can make or break me. Just me alone. I DEFINE ME. It is up to ME! I need to stop blaming other people.

Wishing you guys a wonderful month, just in case I am not able to write to you soon. I am sure you understand.

God bless,

love and love




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