So with Shonda playing with our emotions these past two weeks and my “holiday” or lack of it, giving me a complete headache, I had to take a trip down South. I had to take all my woes to the ocean…I had to let them go with the wind. I simply needed, to let my hair down and just exhale. Exhale all the exhaustion, stress, drama, work load, everything!


Every one needs to distress at some point or another and this was my time.


I think I already mentioned that I went back to school the next day after I landed from Sweden and I just have not caught a breathe since then. I was busy trying to juggle five courses while trying to keep my GPA afloat (Still eyeing a graduation with honors) and at the same time keeping up with my social life. And lets not get started on how I decided to take on two jobs in the midst of it all.

So I had to run away, somewhere, anywhere. I don’t know if its a good or bad thing, but whenever things get tough in my life I always have an option that involves me running away. Sometimes it ends up being good for me and sometimes……actually so far all the times I have ran,I have come back better.

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Which physically is only twice, to Sweden and recently to Malindi. Yes, Sweden was a run away story, amidst all the many superior reasons for my trip there,”running away” was one of them. But that is for another day.

And so I ran…no not run….maybe I took a ten hour bus ride to Malindi. Maybe the driver of the bus was driving so horribly he seemed not to care for any potholes on the road. Maybe I was so scared that the sound of him hitting those potholes had me thinking we were being shot down by Al shabaab militants. Maybe every time he overtook another vehicle I thought the bus would topple over. OR maybe….I flew down to Malindi…all I know is that I didn’t run there. LOL

I have to say my trip going there and coming back home were quite the adventure.Even the Jambo jet flight back left me with a story to tell. On my next post, I promise 🙂

My stay was memorable and relaxing.

I realized that not only do I have best friends who had a whole schedule planned out for me such that no day would go by without making new memories but that my best friends were not only friends, not only family but Angels from up above.


Days spent on Islands in the Ocean  and scary jumps into the ocean from bridges that extend into the ocean were only but the tip of the iceberg. The Golden beach, Vasco da Gama,marine park…I think we tried to get every bit of malindi. Even the TukTuks Guys….ahhh 🙂 ( I think I need like three different posts about this trip)

I got to distress wholly and completely. I had time to reflect and get my game plan on track. I had time strategize and place things in order. I got time to shed off all that old skin, the heavy baggage,everything that was pulling me down.

I even got time to fall in love with myself and remind myself that I need no validation from anyone, I know my worth and that’s all that matters. I learned a few vices about myself as well and made promises to change.

Maybe we shouldn’t run from our troubles. Many say that you should live through them so that you become better and learn from it. Maybe  I agree. I think,however, for me, removing myself from the situation and environment that causes my troubles works best. I still get to live through them but away from their origin and with a definite time for me to feel it and forget. This way it doesn’t become a prolonged process. Picking out the problem and dealing with it.

We all have our different ways I guess.


P.S. I just got my grades for the previous semester. GUYS…..somehow, somehow I managed to stay afloat….Oh goodness me the Lord is so good.

NOW….I am sorry I took forever to write to you but it is not because I gave up on writing. More like I had no more cancer stories….which may be a good or bad thing,I don’t know.I think its time to revamp the blog…then I can write about anything and everything, because let’s face it, Cancer is not all there is to life.

What do you guys think? A smile on this blog? Less tears? Let’s talk about it? I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a fabulous week.

Love and Love,

Queen Kunta *hah, a few days in Malindi and Joy has me on this vibe now*


okay take two…

love and love,






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