This blog has recently become a Keeping Up with B sort of blog seeing as I have not exactly scaled it down to one topic that I would generally like to share about. However, I feel even this way I am still able to pass on messages on to you guys and even when I am not talking about anything serious you get to enjoy my diction, at least I hope you do. Worst case scenario where you don’t ,well there’s the future me who will read these posts one day so I guess its a win either way 🙂

I hope you have all been well though 🙂

So shall we?

I was recently reading a friend’s blog as per my usual daily routine. I live for the inspiration that comes from the lives of others through their experiences and I couldn’t thank the Internet more for providing a platform for writers to share globally, universally, entirely, I am sure you get the point I am trying to make. It really is amazing.

So yes, with my Mug of green tea and my lappy infront of me I embarked with my usual routine. First it is the fashion blogs(Can I just say that I live for fashion, If I do not have a fashion related company in the future I will have really failed myself. AND did you know that the fashion industry is very lucrative at the moment? I recently went for a conference and it was mentioned that top investors are looking into this industry. So if you are a lover, you know where the money is!) ….. then the blogs of my fellow wordpress users that I follow and finally any other blogs that I find inspiration from.

On this day, the last blog I read was Girl on Fire by Tessy and the particular post I have tagged spoke to me! Its main theme was risk taking and I cannot tell you how opportune the timing was.PERFECT if I must say.

See I recently was asked to participate in a finance challenge of sorts by my lecturer where I would work with four other individuals on a sort of research “thing” for a given company. See,I did not even know what exactly we were to do and for a while it was just a research “thing” to me.

The entire explanation he gave on the “thing” went through one ear and out the other as I was busy trying to figure out why in the hell he would choose me? Me? I was dumbfounded….I mean I was the girl who first attended his class two weeks late when I came back from Sweden and he would later discover that I was that girl who would sit somewhere in the corner of the class room and enjoy a full siesta as he taught. (Can’t blame me, afternoon classes after a heavy lunch are for the strong, the struggles I had trying to stay awake were quite REAL!)

Usually lecturers barely remember names but trust you me my name stuck, that “Abwoga you have slept too much today” after most classes required him to know my name. I still don’t know how I landed an A at the end of that semester, hah, who am I kidding, I KNOW, I read my ass off, I had to compensate for the times I slept.

So here we are, a new semester, and he decides that I make it to the list of shortlisted individuals! Again, Me?

We however did not revisit the topic and I assumed that he opted for other students after realizing that maybe I did not quite cut it.Which was fine by me!! I was convinced that I was not ready for such a challenge, that I was not well equipped with the finance knowledge I required. I just felt like I was probably the wrong fit. That was me, he on the other hand thought otherwise.

“Abwoga and Thuo, remember to see me after class,” he did not forget, he really still thinks I got this.

And then he elaborated on the “thing”…it is not just a THING, it is global, it is a competition, it is going to be intensive,it needs dedication and commitment, it needs a whole array of skills ….and he thinks I am fit for the job. Me?I am panicking. Me? All the feelings of uncertainty creep in, surely I am not made for this.

Reading Tessy’s blog however reminded me that I can never be entirely ready for anything. That, taking the risk and plunging in head first is the only sure way that will not lead to a loss. We may lose (God forbid) the challenge but the experiences gained and lessons learnt will always be a win.

The mere fact that the lecturer is convinced that I have the potential is confirmation enough that I am ready even though I feel nowhere close to ready.

We easily look down on ourselves and downplay our potential. The thought of taking risks is threatening, scary, a road which many would rather avoid. It is always easier to take the less risky path, to quit when you think you can’t possibly do it, to give up.

I can tell you though that I have found new fire, that I am scared to the bone but I am ready to take on the challenge head on.Opportunities such as these are once in a life time. Opportunities such as these do not knock twice. Opportunities find you already on the dancefloor as Tessy puts it( not exactly like this but close), meaning I am already there, so why not dance?

Our fears limit us but imagine the greatness that could come from facing them?

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is the “thing”. Check it out Here on youtube. I am more than excited to embark on this journey and I can only hope it brings out the best in each and everyone involved! Good Luck to everyone participating!!

See you in Chicago, Hopefully!






  • 4 years ago

    so happy for u barbie!!!!!!! miss u always <3 -joe

    • 4 years ago

      Awwww Joe!! Thank you so much , Jag saknar dig so much more!! Thinking about you always!! Puss och kram!! xx

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