August, August……AUGUST! Can you believe it? January was a few hours ago! Evidently, its that time of the month when we need to evaluate ourselves! Take a read and have a lovely day and month!! 🙂

Making: Mental notes to avoid negative people at all costs.

Cooking:  Eating: A lot of greens lately. Cooked, Raw, all of them. My name is Barbara and I embrace the rabbit life! 🙂

Drinking: A lot of water and Raspberry Tea! Tea after dinner always makes me sleep so much better.

Reading: The last Juror, yes Im still on the same book. No, I am not proud. Yes I am that busy. #sigh

Growing: wiser by the day! Thankful!


Hoping: to write more often. I really get disappointed in myself when I don’t post anything for ages. I hope I can post more frequently than I have. I must have preempted myself too much here.

Wanting: I desperately want a new phone! I cannot deal with how much hanging my current device takes me through. Let me not get started on the number of cracks I have to peer through to view content on my phone! 🙁

Playing: JESSIE WARE. still on that. Im that girl whowill play songs over and over again until I get sick of them. lol

Wasting: no time on people who do not grow,inspire or motivate me. Bye FELICIA 🙂

Trying: to understand how it is that someone can take time off their day to send hate mail. Do you not value your time? Can you guys tell that  I am obviously upset at the smallness of some people? Ugh.

Wishing: I knew the things I know now, then! My troubles would have been split in half. However, the lessons learnt are nothing I take for granted. Experience is indeed the best teacher.

Enjoying: showing my hair some good loving! I recenty got hair products from the US delivered and I guess thats what I needed to re spark my relationship with my hair. I can’t get enough of mycurls! Yes I am one of those “Naturals” ! 🙂


Rembering: to thank GOD every day!

Liking: How much belief and visions for growth my new boss has in me. I am humbled and ready to hit the floor running 🙂 also…how cool is it that I can have two bosses at the same time? So blessed!

Wondering: whether I sound like a broken record always talking about positivity and growth and decreasing my circle. Apologies if I do though, I just need to remind the future me what things are important if I ever veer off track.

Loving: My new job!I am so excited for what the future holds.

Realising: that feeling the pain and using it to better yourself for the next phase gets you over anything, FAST! It constantly reminds you why you can’t go back to where you were before because the pain embodied in that space is nothing you want to feel anymore. What is sweeter than certainty that falling back to your old ways WILL NOT happen?


Marveling: at the power of energies and attractions.

Needing: strength to hold my tongue when some people act like they have their brains on backwards.

Smelling: of Yummy, fruity and fresh scents from Bath and Body works, H&M and Body shop! Just in case you think I drench myself in all of them at the same time, I don’t! lol

Wearing: Planning to wear: Mum jeans and dangarees a lot more often, I have fallen in love with how cute I look in them. Lol. Vanity on 100!

Following:This blog by Naisola Lenana! If you want to get the low down on Nairobi’s hidden trasures, you know where you should be clicking! Coffee dates and lunch plans have never seemed more appealing.

Noticing: THAT paying no mind to people who are constantly looking to bring you down is so damn healthy! Yall should see me, I have gained a Kg or THREE! #STRESSFREE #happy #blessed

Knowing: that God always comes through! I have testimonies from here to the ends of the world!!

Thinking: that never in a million years did I think that by halfway through this year so many things in my life would have changed. Not that I am dissappointed, not at all, just that life has a funny way of playing things out.

Feeling: EXCITED! I started working at a new organization and I am so pumped!! New environment, new people, new memories,new stories,enhanced skill sets…why wouldn’t I be pumped. Plus its the second job I have nailed all by myself. Can you tell that I am feeling so boss? lol. Also……IM WAAAY UP, I FEEL BLESSED! 🙂

Bookmarking: The thought Catalog. I love the pieces they always have.

Opening: A new chapter in my life! So excited!

Thanking: Everyone who has been a part of my journey and continues to be. Those who reach out and always have sound advice to give. Those who share experiences they had with mum that makes her memory live on. Those who offer nothing but presence and a listening ear. Those whose hearts and minds are so pure that they inspire me every day. Those whose wretchedness cause me to strive for better and even those whose hurtful words remind me never to speak ill to another person! You all are the best!

HAPPY NEW MONTH once again , hoping that your journey will be exciting, growing, inspiring, succesful and enrinching!! May God bless you !!





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