Making: Plans to get away soon. I find it therapeutic whenever I leave my niche for a few days or months and just go out somewhere and experience life in a different way.It always comes in handy when I feel like I need to take a few steps back and see how far I have come and then re strategize.

Also making new friends…..Hah, conflict is a funny thing. You find out people who were rooting for you under wraps and you build a sweet sweet friendship!

Listening: To a lot more music at the office. Thanks Thegi, Eric, Oliver, Steph and Chief 🙂

                                                 Cooking Eating: KFC meals at the office! Best clients ever! 🙂 #Satisfied

                           Drinking: If you don’t already know my staple drink, I don’t know how else to drill into you guys! :p

Reading: STILL on John Grisham! I don’t know if that gives you a picture of how busy I am? I have canceled on so many people that some think I am avoiding them. I really am not though. Life is just moving so fast.

Wanting: A holiday!

Missing: My baby brother! Can’t wait to see the child. They grow up so fast jamani!

Wasting: No time loving myself! It is the best relationship ever. That with self. Ask me and I shall tell you 🙂

Wishing:  I really wish I could go on that holiday soon enough!

Realising:  That I might just not get what I want 🙁

                                                Enjoying: MY NEW PHONE! Finally! I got my hands on a brand new baby! My struggles just got cut down by half!! Thank God.

Liking: Where I am at and thanking God everyday for it.

                                                Wondering: Whether I will ever find a more exciting office to work at compared to my current!Everyday is a new adventure at this place and it makes me want to come to work every morning! I absolutely love this space! Best working environment yet!

Loving: The feeling of butterflies in my tummy. Emotion is a crazy thing!

Marvelling: at the nerve that certain individuals have.

Needing: To arrange my room as soon as possible. My mum would have been on my back by now if she found it in its state. If I was lucky though, she would end up arranging it on my behalf ! Oh bless her soul. I love you mummy!

Smelling: Sweat Pea fragrance by Bath and Body Works thanks to my girl Terry. Thank you 🙂

                                 Wearing: Monochrome outfits this week. Lady In white, Woman in blue…Black on back. You name it 🙂

Noticing: That people who knew my mother stare at me for so long when I am not paying attention. Turns out I look like her more and more every day, something like a spitting image of her!

Knowing: That I need to get over my fear of speaking on front of large groups of people. It has reached a point that it has now become a necessity! I need to get out of my comfort zone!

Thinking: I need to mentally prepare myself for the next three months. It will be a challenge like no other. I am usually scared to the bone about new challenges but at the same time very excited because I always come out of them better than I went in.

                                                    Feeling: Fuzzy Inside after Tuesday!!

I want to write more to you and I hope this month I can do just that. I am doing everything I can to keep my creative juices flowing but the fact that I mostly write about my lifes events makes it a bit harder. I also noticed that many of you like it more when I write about personal experiences where you can almost feel the emotion as if you were me.

So,,,, how about you comment below and tell me what experiences I should talk about from a personal perspective? It can be anything and EVERYTHING. Relationships, Losses…Life experiences , ANYTHING, and I promise to write from the deepest part of my being! From that very part that makes you guys cry and read more everytime I talk about my mother. Deal?

I love you all, thank you for staying loyal to my blog and have a splendid month!! Love and Love, B!! xx





  • 3 years ago

    This amazing new job!
    Tell us about it…

  • 3 years ago

    catching up with the blog and my has it developed!!! love love love!

  • Felix
    3 years ago

    Beautiful piece!

  • 3 years ago

    Barbieee! Am happy to discover your blog today 🙂 My Sunday afternoon is made!

    • 3 years ago

      Yaaay, im happy you found it Chief! Happy reading x

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