Can you feel it?

The anxiety? The nervousness? That fear creeping in? The fear of the unknown? The future, what does it hold?

You’re suddenly well into your twenty’s and it is hitting you. You are done with university and you can’t believe how fast time flew. It was just the other day that you were a naive freshman and all you could think about was the next party you were attending and that assignment that you were doing the day of handing it in because who has time before then seriously? It was just the other day that fitting in the crowd was your biggest worry and ensuring your crush had noticed you was top on your list of “to do things.”

Funny how life plays out,

because now your biggest worry is how you will sit that interview. And what if you’re not ready? Am I required to know my Capital Asset Pricing Method formula (Finance majors hey!) for the Interview? What will they ask?

A girlfriend? Wait a boyfriend? I seriously couldn’t have time for that. I have important decisions to make, none that need their constant presence around. You and I know how much stress that can be. (Cue in sarcasm btw, lol, A story for another day)

And did you say that my friends started a firm of their own? You say it is thriving? Oh goodness I am excited for them, but what of me? What is my life? How did I get so lost and time catch up so fast? How do I not know what I want to do next?

Financial freedom? Another term that has just never crossed my mind. Genghis Capital? A CDS account. Sorry wait, what? What is happening? I was young and had no care in the world yesterday, how is it that I am 23 and stressed today?


I Know exactly how you feel. Many talk about that phase you go through when you’re leaving University when reality smacks you hard in the face and asks you to check back into the world. To climb back down from cloud nine and meet us all back here on earth.

I have JUST finished my undergrad but I can feel the pressure sipping in. I recently sat down and asked myself what the hell am I leaving University to offer the world? What is society waiting for and expecting me to do? Sure I have sat in classes for three years of my life, but why do I feel like I just went blank all of a sudden?

The need to secure financial assets is all of a sudden at an all time high. When can I buy shares? Why did I spend all my lunch money buying pastries that resulted in little satisfaction and a bloated stomach the whole day? There are shares that are Three Kenyan Shillings? Why didn’t I save up for that instead of that god forsaken doughnut?

I would say it is called growing up. The things that really matter are now coming to play and the need to have it all together is surging.


Do not succumb to the pressure, instead use it as your driving force. Let it be your motivation every single damn day. Let it make you hunger for greatness but let it humble you as well. Everybody starts somewhere to get somewhere. Do not look down on any opportunity, you may never know where it will lead you.

But that is not even the point I am trying to make. I am here to tell you that you are not alone, that we are many going through this. That you do no need to put your whole life at a standstill because you feel confused. You do not need to isolate yourself just because you feel like you don’t have it under control. No man is an island and wallowing in your thoughts alone will not get you far.

So stop! Get up and start taking active steps. Remember that CDS account? Go open one. Did you know that there are shares that cost as little as 3 Kenyan Shillings? But I just mentioned it? Well now you know…start with that, I promise it will make you feel some type of way and you’ll get new found motivation to keep GETTING IT *Read, gerrriiing it*.

See, no one ever made it by wallowing in their sorrows, failures and lack of direction. No one ever made it by sitting back all day and beating themselves up without doing anything about it.

Like I said,


accept, humble yourself and GET UP! Go get it because what is for you will always be for you but you have to find it. Be damn sure you have to go in search of it. Attract the right energies while you’re at it, you might just get it faster. Positivity and drive are the key masters. You got this, You know you do.


Stop those, like stop already. There are probably the reason you are still sat on that chair looking at this post as if it is complete bullocks. Well it might be, but then again it just might not. Where did any excuse get any one? Every excuse I’ve ever made only led to procrastination, disappointment, failure! It was never a good outcome.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” 
 Jordan Belfort

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” 
 Benjamin Franklin

Did that hit home? Hard? I hope so. Stop making excuses, it is NOT a good look.

Remember we are all in this together, so stay strong my friends, mighty strong!

Love and Love


This is a completely unrelated blurry picture, but hey, vanity 🙂


*P.s. I have this burning itch to write, I don’t know what about though. I am taking a break from the feels and cancer but I still need to write. Drop a comment below on any topic whatsoever, ANY, and let me do the rest. It will be good, I promise. Hoping to hear from you soon *




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