I have heard about it and read about it from anyone who is anyone and everyone who is everyone, but I couldn’t for the life of me understand the thought process of the characters involved! Growing up to them was the worst thing that could ever happen and I myself couldn’t even begin to fathom exactly how their Cerebrum, Medulla Oblongata and all else worked! How could anyone in their right mind not want to grow up?

Growing up was everything I ever wanted.

The independence that came with it blew my mind away! It had me traveling to places I had never been with people I had never seen and the high I would get off it was, quite frankly, higher than cloud nine! Nothing could change my mind about it! Growing up was all I ever wanted!

All else I had heard about it was crazy talk…

(As crazy as the fact that I blended in with those flowers and I was beginning to look like one)

burgeoning is to flowers as growth is to humans no? #Wordplay (humor me) 🙂

Why would you want to stay young and controlled?

“Be home by six” “Make sure you bring back the change” “No you cannot get a new phone, I shall not fund your carelessness” “Malindi with your friends, why, when you can go with us?”

I was literally reeling with excitement when I became of age and those remarks up there were no longer my concerns! I made my own money from side hustles here and there and I could get a new phone if I damn well pleased, whenever I damn well pleased, lol! *Maybe dad you should not read this post? I promise it is all for that extra oomph for this my story *

However, quite recently my dreams were crushed! I grew up alright, but it was NOTHING I wanted it to be! It was NOT everything that I ever wanted. As a matter of fact at this point, all I ever wanted was to be young again.

I wanted my Father to handle me, I wanted him to be in control.

True reality struck its cord when I was recently called out for being negligent at the office and that I would possibly not receive my pay because I had not obtained NSSF and NHIF numbers.

“BUT what are those,” I asked, (of course I knew exactly they were) “and why didn’t anybody, nobody tell me that I needed those?” “It was right there in your contract Barbara, did you read your contract thoroughly to the end?”

My contract?

I was expected to read that?

To the very end?

But why?

Don’t people just quickly go to the compensation part to ensure they are getting the right amount of pay? And then maybe to the rules of the workplace so that they don’t fall on the wrong side of the office law so to speak? Isn’t it one of those things that you put a tick to “I agree to the terms and conditions” when you have barely read anything in that long ass dialogue box that pops up? *On computer screens obvs*

NSSF, NHIF, Retirement benefits, Insurance fund…wait Retirement? Retirement, but why? I barely have a job bro!

This growing up thing is turning out to be nothing like I ever wanted.

I sure do miss the old days when my parents would do literally everything and anything for me!

I miss the days when I didn’t need to know where Nyayo house was so that I could submit my documents in order to renew my passport.

I miss the days when my life did not depend on whether I had obtained my KRA pin from the huduma offices together with my NSSF and NHIF numbers.

I miss the days when opening an Ecitizen account because I needed to renew my driver’s licence was the least of my a thousand and one worries.

I miss the days when Parking was way cheaper and navigating an app to pay for parking in the CBD concerned me not! But guys a whole 300 KENYAN SHILLINGS, for parking? Why?

I absolutely miss the days when I could complain about potholes on the road endlessly without necessarily feeling the painful knot in my throat, because I knew nothing about taxes that were being spent on lavish trips to watch formula one games as I dodged potholes left, right and centre because Lord Knows I could use with saving of that money instead of spending on new shocks for my FATHER’S car!

I really do miss the ease that was life when I was younger and maybe I have spent the last 700 or so words complaining about how much I am taking quite a beating from growing up…but give me room to sound a little appreciative here.

Nothing could have prepared me for all the growing up I have had to do. I guess it is something that is best taught through experience. But I must say that despite how hectic it has been, getting the hang of it, is currently my new high! The independence that I so very much sought after is manifesting itself and I can tell you that I walk with my head a little higher these days!

My source of Joy comes when father gets thoroughly impressed when I come through on a “big girl duty” that he  probably had penned down on his to do list for whenever he got time out of his busy schedule.

That walk to the bank to deposit or withdraw MY money gives me life.

The whole load of emotion attached to comments I make as I rightfully complain about incompetency’s and what not in our leadership and how taxpayers money, my money, is going to waste, gives me motivation to work harder so that maybe I can be that change. I mean I might as well be, before I am nearer to the grave and I have no teeth left to count and still complaining about the same damn vices!

Those teeth right thurr!

It is new skin that I love wearing but that was hard to put on the first time! It was almost like being thrown into the deep end and being forced to master that doggy paddle or front crawl, or whatever because your very life depended on it!

It is a good thing, this growing up, but I am sure It will leave me with many more stories to tell before I completely get the hang of it.

But meanwhile….. I need to make it to the CBD by 8.00am, I need those NHIF and NSSF numbers. You should probably plan to do the same. Lol

Have a bright, beautiful and successful Wednesday my loves!



As always,

Love and Love,



CBD(Central Business District) NHIF(National Hospital Insurance Fund) NSSF(National Social Security Fund) KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority)




  • 3 years ago

    Growing pains man!

  • 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the first time I went back to a hotel we frequented a lot when we were kids for sentimental reasons and really saw the menu for the first time as an adult…where you actually see the prices of the food! Crazy! Wonder how the parents did it. 🙂
    The pains are worth it in the end though.

    • 3 years ago

      Hahaha I totally feel you! They are indeed definitely worth it. Thank you for reading 🙂 xx

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