One of you responded to my desperate plea for topics to blog about and so today we are here! 20 lessons I have learnt in my 20’s. My dear readers request was a post on 30 things to do in your 20’s but I think this is more fitting.

One because, I have barely lived through my Twenties and two because, I don’t know whether I have completed my own list on “things to do”. I however, shall be sure to do a post on that once I have enough content! Lessons however, those I have in plenty, so sit back, relax and read away 🙂

  1. Sit up with your back straight. It goes a long way for a good posture! Also, train yourself to tuck in your stomach and you might just land yourself some abs. Lol. Someone, somewhere told me this, I will tell you if it actually works.
  2. Never apologize for where you’re from, what you have e.t.c.  The Key is to stay humble knowing that it all could be gone in a flash, but never apologize for it. I have found myself many times having to defend myself against statements like ” You’re such a babie” “I can’t believe you don’t know where xyz building is in town” ” You think you’re tired because you walked in town for one day? We do it on a daily”                                                                                                                                                                               But how about it, yes I am tired, Is my body limited to feel fatigue only after I have passed a certain limit in order to qualify “to feel tired?” What if I have never in my life found any reason to visit Bruce House before? (Lol, do you guys know where that is? ) lol …….Anyway my point is, do not step on anyone’s toes because of what you are fortunate to have but do not feel bad or guilty for having it. This topic actually annoys me…. so I shall leave it there.
  3. Sports and fitness are ways of life! I have always been a sports woman, I did everything from run track to play tennis, basketball,hockey and even swimming competitively when I was younger. My body thanks me to this day, however, not my whole body. I stopped exercising and have paid for it greatly through a pot belly (okay maybe a bit of an exaggeration,lol) that has sought residence on my body and has refused to go! Lol..If I’m being honest though, I have lost a few inches around my stomach area since I started going to the gym!
  4. TRAVEL! I don’t know if this is a lesson or whether I have learnt lessons through it but oh well! Be sure to travel, wander the corners of this earth and set your mind free! Satisfy the thirst! The yearning for knowledge, for different lands and different people! For experiences and lessons that can only be taught through travel! Sweden to Baringo and Ethiopia to Garissa! You will be amazed at how different you will be, your eyes opened in a way like no other!
  5. READ! READ! READ! There is nothing that lights up my world and fills my soul (apart from travelling) like reading does! In essence it is very much like travelling especially when you begin to immerse yourself into the characters and their surroundings and backgrounds! I wasn’t much of a reader until I became friends with Aggie (We’ve been friends for over 12 years now) and the reading bug was passed on. I remember carrying a novel with me nearly every day of my last years in primary and most of my high school days and boy am I thankful i did! I owe this read worthy writing ( Actually great writing , If I do say so myself, cue in vanity and self praise, but only because y’all have told me so ) to the many years I spent reading. It is no surprise that both Aggie and I are members of the same book club that has to be one of the best decisions I have made this year. (BTW our first book club meeting went GREAT! Mind blowing, captivating, soul opening, inner building and just a SPECTACULAR experience to say the least. Can’t wait for our next meet already!
  6. Eat in small portions many times a day if you’re looking to lose that tum tum! I have always had a tummy but I never bothered to lose it because I had mastered the art of “sucking it in”!( Girls, you know this is an ART! Lol) but also because I always thought I could lose it FAST if I wanted to. But boy was I wrong! Losing tummy is HARD! But I learnt with stomach exercises and portion eating you’ll get it FLATTENED in no time!
  7. If more than six people tell you, you need OUT, and the FIRST of those six people is You! You probably do, so get out! There is nothing worse than being stuck in something for years only to realize that you gave your all and didn’t get as much in return.
  8. LOVE ! LOVE HARD! LOVE 100% and don’t hold anything back, the worst that could happen is that He doesn’t love you back and trust me honey, that’s his loss! (Can you tell I’m a hopeless romantic?)
  9. Love your hair and it will love you right back! Going natural has been such an amazing journey and the best part is watching my hair grow! Also,I am enjoying the extra cash I am saving by doing my hair at home !It’s a WIN people!
  10. If you’re feeling like you could be doing much better with your life then you’re doing just fine! Constant motivation that drives you to do better,for you, is EVERYTHING! So don’t wallow, just make sure you work hard and get rid of that feeling! Chances are that you are actually on the right track for a human/ mammal (lol, yes I just called you that) your age! So chin up child, they’d kill to see you fail!
  11. Never EVER EVER look down on any opportunity that comes your way! It is a chance for growth and experience and you never know where you could end up just because you took that small, minute, low paying job that no one could possibly want!
  12. Never look down on ANYONE! EVER!
  13. LOVE AND HONOR your parents for all the days of your lives!
  14. Treat yourself every once in a while! Spa date, shopping spree, you name it! You deserve it! This life is not easy, you need to take time off every once in a while to re energize! So YES to GUILTY pleasure every now and then!
  15. Nourish your soul with what is  good and right!
  16. NEVER lower your standards for anyone. If they are not up to par, then they are not for you! They will call you names and say all manner of atrocities but that should bother you not! Standards higher than your heels Children, ( I just assumed that all my readers are women with that one, but guys, you know I gotchu right? High standards bruh 🙂 ) it is the only way!
  17. Be accommodating. We all have different personalities and going through different seasons in life and they may not see your point of view but maybe try and see it from their point?
  18. DRESS up for Church! This is a weird one but one that has been passed on down to me. My parents have always made it clear that Sunday’s are for God and just like you’d show up for special people in your life, you should show up for Him!! We can almost bet that if you meet me on a Sunday I shall be sauntering proudly in a dress!
  19. Give back to society ALWAYS! Nothing gives me more joy than putting a smile on another person’s face! Speaking of, have you heard about the “Homeless of Nairobi ?” Check out their page on Facebook and make a point to be part of one of their drives whenever you can! 🙂
  20. Treat yourself to breakfast every once in a while on beautiful morning, when the air is fresh and crisp , with a good book , in a little corner at a coffee house and enjoy THY company! Nothing better than getting in touch with the inner you!!

I guess that it is it folks!

Photography by Lenana

I owe one of my readers a blog post on “Fate” so watch out for it and keep commenting and texting me about topics you want to read about from my point of view! It means the world! Otherwise until then,

Love and Love






  • Stephanie
    4 years ago

    #1 won’t work if you cheat 🙂 😛

    • 4 years ago

      Hahah noted Stephanie 🙂 Il try stay loyal 🙂

  • 4 years ago

    Love love love this list. Great tips too. My favorite ones are on reading and traveling. I am trying to do more of that this year.

    Lovely post.

    • 4 years ago

      I am glad that you really like it Diana! 🙂 Thank you 🙂 xx

  • 4 years ago

    LOVE ! LOVE HARD! LOVE 100%… yesss

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