Time is a racing!  Two down, ten to go! 

Making – A point to give back both to God and to the society each month!

Cooking – Nothing today! Maybe during the weekend, but even then I’m not sure.

Drinking – Water as usual and different Flavors of Kericho Gold tea, every evening before bed! Luyha things! lol 🙂

Reading – The curious incident of the Dog in the night time by Mark Haddon and The Casual  Vacancy by J.K.(Yap, im still on this one, busy life 🙁 ). Reading a new book each month is something that will definitely become a Habit that I will not be willing to let go of any time soon! Many thumbs UP for my Book Club!! 🙂

Wanting – I want to go buy some hair products that I have been planning to buy for months now!

Playing – Words with friends with Thegi and he is killing me! #Sigh #Eyeroll

Wasting – No time when it comes to going to the gym! Results keep you going back! Having a cheat week this week though, so if you wanna make plans this is your moment! LOl 🙂

Wishing – I could have a repeat of the past weekend !! Nyeri’s scenery, workmates for friends, wildlife and good food! An amazing Getaway!


Enjoying – The feeling of having one less weight on my shoulders! I push myself so hard and take on so many projects at once but its good sometimes to just breathe and be stress free .

Liking – The aroma of the black currant Tea I am about to take in a few minutes 🙂

Wondering – What to get myself this month. I was set on a new pair of heels, then I wanted a new scent and now I want everything. Confused is me! Who wants to loan me a LARGE sum of money? lol

Loving – All of you right now! A WHOLE LOT of positive feedback on the blog. Thaaank you 🙂

Reminiscing – About the amazing weekend I had! If you are ever in Nyeri, Make sure you spend a few nights at both the Outspan Hotel and Treetops, you will not regret it! That I can promise! 🙂

Needing – More time in a day, especially during the morning hours!  #Sigh

Wearing – Tights and Long Tops to work  because I couldn’t be asked to dress up today! #Bleugh

Following – The 100! How I had not started on this series before now is beyond me!

Noticing – That Planning goes a great mile into ensuring that I meet all my deadlines! Doing content for April like a boss 🙂

Knowing – That I need to send in my Scholarship application soon! September is just right round the corner! #Gasp

Thinking – That it needs to be 5pm Already! It almost reminds me of those days back in primary and high school when you could not wait for the last bell of the day to ring!

Feeling – Out of it today! I am in one of those moods where I just want to be super lazy and bum all day with a cup of tea and my laptop!

Bookmarking – The next page of ” The curious incident…night time”…will probably go home to cover more pages, that is of course, if I don’t black out first! So SleeeeeepY!

Marvelling – at the splendour that is the work of God’s hands! Nature really reminds you that there is a mighty  Being out there! How Great!

Photography by ME,I try sometimes. Lol 🙂







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