Making : a mental note to read the books by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I heard about them from my besties  (Yes Bev and Joy, I have forced titles) and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Cooking: I have been in the Kitchen every day for a week or so now whipping up different meals for my people. I love all the new recipes I’m trying out and the adrenaline rush I get trying to make sure my dishes don’t burn while at the same time experiencing the calm of being alone with my thoughts 🙂

Drinking: Water. I wish the answer to this question can get more exciting , lol. But water is Bae, it probably will always be water! What does Soda taste like again?

Reading: The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good.  Something about this book has me knowing that I’ll read it twice before I say I’m done reading it. I haven’t found a book that firmly confirms my beliefs and makes me feel quite normal in the world of today’s situationships and partnerships in the name of dating and relationships.

Wanting: my mummy back. You have been in my thoughts a lot recently mum and I don’t know how we even got here. What the hell is wrong with Cancer? Sometimes it feels like you’re still here up until the loneliness and your absence hits me. Is there more from here? More of you?

Playing: Sam Smith! I love this man’s music. But also, all his songs (from : In the Lonely hour) remind me of a time in Sweden. I’m sure you can guess the album was on replay and now I can’t  listen to the album without reminiscing about a bus ride from school or nights out in Vallgatan 🙂

Wasting: no time appreciating myself and giving myself a pat on the back. Being your own motivator and generating good vibes from within is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Enjoying: this cool weather. It had been a long time coming 🙂

Liking: I quite like the woman,person, friend,sister, daughter that I am becoming 🙂 My mum would be proud 🙂

Photography by Lenana

Wondering: What the next few months have in store. I may or may not be stuck in Limbo in a month and the uncertainty of it is a bit worrying. However, I am trusting God on this.

Loving: the fact that my friends put it into perspective for me and are able to pick my brain to reveal things to me that I probably didn’t even know. Our second book club meet was just a success as the first one was!  🙂

Hoping: that everything works out like it is meant to in the next few months. My anxiety is over the roof because I don’t know my next step and this makes me super uncomfortable.

Planning: A #TembeaKenya trip for my Family from Sweden! Diana and Bjorn come in August and I cannot wait to see them!

Marvelling: at the power of declaring and claiming your future blessing, putting God at the centre of those plans and the results thereafter 🙂

Wearing: Khaki pants and brown boots. I LOVE this weather.

Learning: to accept that I make mistakes too. I am always pointing out the wrong that others have done to me forgetting that I probably contributed to them wronging me. Taking responsibility on my part is something that I am slowly taking ownership of to ensure that I have better relations and connections with those around me.

Suggesting: that you read this article that I came across on a friend’s timeline. It may be a tad bit crude but I think she hits the nail on the head.

Listening: To this TED Talk by Tracy McMillan that was recommended to me by friend Aggie! Click up there and listen in, you will not be disappointed  🙂 Thank you Aggie 🙂

Knowing: That I am surrounded by a wonderful group of friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world and what a time it is to be alive especially with them by my side. I love my people 🙂


Noticing: That I have waay too many hair products in my bathroom! Going natural makes you somewhat of a product junkie. 🙂

Thinking: about Sweden. Feeling quite Nostalgic actually! Already planning my trip back this year, God willing it is in HIS plans for me 🙂

Wishing: all of you a great month ahead! That you may meet all your goals for this month and that goodness and mercy surround you always! Be blessed my dear readers 🙂 xx

Bookmarking: The next page of “The Wait” 🙂

Giggling: at the reactions of Aggie’s mum and a past high school teacher when they were told that I was engaged. It was a joke ( That I did not know about mama Aggie, I promise) of course, but their reactions were so genuine and quite hilarious.


written on : 4/4/2016




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