This thing I do

I do this thing called writing every once in a while.

Mainly because I write when I am inspired or motivated by one thing or another to get behind the screen and just let the words flow. So basically, no motivation ≡ No writing.

Penning down my thoughts, feelings and emotions gives me some sort of high. An adrenaline rush of sorts , only this time it is driven by excitement and all her siblings.

My heart begins racing as the ideas flow, I am almost usually in a trance to the outside world and hate to be distracted when I am writing from the heart, when everything is just flowing.

My current job involves curating a whole lot of content which is WRITE ( get it? lol) up my alley but many a times my writing may be restricted because  I am not writing about MY feelings and emotions. This is perfectly okay because then I get to challenge my brain, however, sometimes I just long to write without giving it extra thought. Raw writing.

Recently though, I was reminded why I actually LOVE my job, but more than that why I absolutely LOVE writing. My boss gave me absolute leeway to write as I pleased. To twine and intertwine pieces and just be in my writing.

We came up with this amazing piece that I was so nervous yet so excited about publishing. The response it received is /was overwhelming and now I just had to write about it here, because, well you know, these are the little things that make me smile like this 

Photography By Lenana

You know how sometimes you work month after month and eventually you just feel like you NEED a holiday? I was almost at that point, but my re-ignited energy for writing has me rejuvenated in all kinds of ways! Holiday for who? Lol

Anyway, go ye and have a fruitful day and don’t forget to click right here to read about our raw and unedited thoughts 😉

Love and Love







  • 2 years ago

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with your style of writing? I am hooked already and really glad to visit your blog. You write excellently and I enjoyed every read in here. Cheers! 🙂

    • 2 years ago

      Awww You have me blushing 🙂 Thank you very much xx

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