It is here! It is finally here…!

At this point we are basically halfway into the year, one more month but hey, potato , potatoe!

I am so excited for this month.

I am turning 23 this month and it feels like a re-birth of sorts.

It means a do-over. Another chance to do everything right. A chance to challenge myself further. To set and achieve new goals. To live.

Making: myself Manager (well he sort of asked me, but I am trying to make myself look badass here, humor me 🙂 ) of one of my most dear friends FEIZAL AHMED! We have a lot in store for y’all and I cannot wait to get things rolling. I hope you guys are ready 🙂

Cooking: a lot of meals based off of TASTY! Their short videos on how to prepare different meals make everything look so easy that you just can’t help but try them out.

Drinking: a lot less water. I don’t know what has happened of late but my water intake has gone down a whole lot.

Reading: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I usually do not do book reviews, but I am definitely going to do one on this one.

Wanting: New perfume  for my Birthday! * Dad , i think this has made gift shopping easier for you now, no? * 🙂

Playing: about to really sit down and listen to Drake’s new album. Like proper listen.

Wasting: no time vocalizing my feelings and letting others know exactly what I am thinking. I realized you save yourself from a whole lot of stress and weight loss when you just TALK about the damn thing, whatever it may be 🙂

Wishing: my not so-baby, baby sister A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have not come across a 14 year old as intelligent and as mature as my sister and I’m not just saying this. My sister literally held it down when my mother passed away and made sure she didn’t break just so that she could be strong for me. (Is it already obvious that I’m the weak link? )My sister told me to pull myself together because it would eventually get better. My sister kills insects and creepy crawlies when they have me scared into a stupor. My sister tells me when I am wrong and lectures the hell out of me when I cross her path. My sister is my rock and no matter how much we fuss and fight, I would never want another but her. I love you with all that I am and that I have Brenda and I wish you God’s full blessings over your life. That you may grow into the woman He has destined for you to become and that you fall in His glory always. Happy Birthday Papa-ganush!

Selfieeee (excuse the blur)

Enjoying: reading Infidel. Ayaan writes a lot like I do, straight feelings of real encounters , well at least in this book and….actually lets just discuss it when I do the book review once I am done.

Liking: The new energy for writing that I have all of a sudden. I don’t know if i should fully commit, but in honor of my birthday month, I am going to TRY and do a post (or more) a week  🙂  I think this will be a good way to keep the spark alive but also the perfect timing to start writing my book 🙂

Wondering: where my sisters nick name “Papa-ganush” came from. It is actually both our nick names for each other and its symbolizes the ultimate state of friendship in our relationship. When we call each other that, we are ranking on 5 stars. The name can NEVER be used if we are not friends or on 3.5 stars, that’s just plain insult!

Loving: the fact that I have gained a few more Kilos! YAAAAAAS!! 🙂

Marvelling: at the fact that it is LITERALLY birthday month in my family! All my siblings are born in May and so was my late mother. #Maybabies


Needing: more of Jesus in my life. More of you Lord.

Wearing: my hair in those bob box braids. For some reason they have me feeling that I can conquer the world and then some.

Following: slow drivers on the road ruins my plans to become more patient on a daily. I try though, at least I don’t hoot at them even though I mutter ten thousand things under my breathe. Slowly but surely with this virtue, no?

Noticing: that even with the weight gain, my tummy is looking smaller and a bit tighter. haha. Also noticing that ZUKU is the worst at their job and yet I’m still here. smh

Knowing: that journeying into writing this particular book will be challenging and emotional , but all the nudging and motioning I have received to write a book has me somewhat excited to finally at least give it a go. If nothing comes out of it, at least I know my mother will appreciate the gesture.

Thinking: that this taking stock series can be a vain venture sometimes. I am literally talking about MYSELF and MY wants and ME ,ME ,ME! It actually makes sense why y’all read more of my other posts than these ones. hmm.

Feeling: Super excited for my birthday week! I will have spent the most of my own money that I have ever spent on myself and I cannot wait to start a new chapter of my life in style 🙂

Bookmarking: May 28th! 🙂

Opening: up to myself a lot more and taking power and control of my being.

Giggling: at this video of this Oh so adorable little girl schooling her father. Aww I love children!

Have a blessed May loves, make it count!

Love and Love












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