It’s what I always do.

I do it every time I feel like I need a time out, a time to breathe and recollect. I talk about it here all the time. My need for escapism sometimes. My intense longing to be with myself far, far away from that which is the norm ;  the usual.  A need for a new welcome.

I Bolt. It’s what I do best. I was born to run.

I run track my whole primary and high school life. I was one of the girls always chosen to run for green house when I was in primary and red house in high school. There was something about the rush and anxiety I would always feel as I walked up to the starting line. Something that came from the need to validate the belief that my house mates had in me…half of them were certain I would win the race even before I got on to the track. I needed to give them the win, the pressure was on and it was motivation.

Running fulfilled me. All the eyes on me as I walked back to my house mates after winning a race were the reason I walked with an air to my gait. I mean after all I had earned it, I had earned that moment of fame to flaunt my luyha – kamba legs that enabled me to sail through a 4x4m race with such ease.I had earned the right to flaunt the fit body that came about thanks to the athlete in me. I walked head held high, I was that girl and I loved it.

I recently joked with my dad about how we both couldn’t believe that even with all the weight packed on my body I was able to run as fast as I did and now that I am much smaller in size I can barely do a 100M sprint without meeting the ground with utter exhaustion afterwards. #Sigh


I digress though,

the point is that I love to run, to escape, to bolt. Especially so when I feel like everything is not going right and I just need time but mostly when I feel like I need to recharge my battery, to clear my head and make space for new success and accomplishments.

So it was no surprise that when I thought about my birthday gift to myself this year, I thought about a plane ticket. I have been saving ever since I got my first job and now I was onto my second one and still had not done that  one |Big| thing people do when they earn their first salary. (Something about me that is addicted to saving more and spending less)

I couldn’t think of a better escape than one that involved a change in scenery, a soul mate and a lot of life, fun and laughter.

So I am on the move again, a whole week of birthday fun just to pat myself on the back for how far I have come. Vain, I know, but sometimes we all need to reach out and congratulate ourselves.

We work hard, we show up, we fall and we get up but the more natural feeling is to feel like we haven’t worked hard enough. That we haven’t met our goals. That “She” is so ahead in life and I’m still here. That “when am I possibly going to catch my big break?”

We forget to celebrate the small victories of every hour, every day, every month. The small wins that go unnoticed but have great impact, those that are the building foundation to the “BIG” goal that we cannot wait for so that we can celebrate it.

I call bullocks. I say, lets  celebrate the 2 Litres of water that you have managed to drink every day in an effort to increase your water intake. Let us celebrate the number of times you willed yourself to the gym even when you’d rather have been in front of a screen with a bowl of Masala crisps. Let us celebrate the ticking off of ALL your tasks on your “To-do” list for the day. How about that meal you managed to prepare without burning your mother’s kitchen to the ground?  What about the mere fact that you are a 23 year old and doing just okay? You haven’t got into drugs and you are well on your way to becoming something great?


It is in the spirit of celebrating my small victories that I am taking myself on a birthday week trip away from home, it is the celebration of my becoming of age, it is the pat on the back that I am giving myself.

I am treating myself on my birthday, but you shouldn’t have to wait for your born day to be your lead fan. Celebrate yourself today, tomorrow and always. You don’t have to fly somewhere, even a breakfast date with yourself counts.

and remember Sir God! I promise He is the beginning to your life of endless success, ask me. He knows I wouldn’t be here without Him.

So cheers to 23 and to celebrating small victories!

Photography By Lenana

Love and Love



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