P.s. This post has NOTHING to do with summer, lol!


We are 6 days into the new month and my mind cannot seem to fathom exactly how time is flying. In two months so much is going to change and I don’t know if I am ready for it all.

I mean I knew it was coming, I just did not know that i’d be at the place when I only have one month to get everything together. It is Kind of nerve wrecking to be honest but I trust that God has a plan and things will happen exactly the way they are meant to.

For now though , let’s do a quick re – cap. Let’s take Stock.


Making – A mental note to go unpack my suitcase once I am done with this blog post. I am back from my little trip up north and I just can’t be bothered to look at my suitcase let alone get it unpacked. This ALWAYS happens when I travel. #Sigh


Cooking – More like I’ve been EATING a whole lot of food this past one week. My Ethiopian family would not rest unless I had food in my month constantly! Breakfast was a whole three course meal in itself and I still had to have lunch and dinner and don’t forget the in between snacks! ( Thank you so much Samiha and Hayat, I am going to miss the daily feasts so much!)

I have gained a few KGs that’s for sure and I am NOT complaining! Weight Goals 🙂

Drinking – Well how about, saaaay, COFFEE?

Ethiopians are a cultured people *be sure to check out my next post on this trip* and coffee drinking is a great part of that culture. There are a great deal of coffee houses in Addis and if you’re not having your coffee at a cafe, then you’re having it at home. Hayat, I’ll forever remember all our Coffee dates 🙂 xx

Currently though…I just downed a cup of teami colon cleanse tea, to you know, clean the insides a little..lol

Reading – Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Books that are sequels are my favourite kind.

Wanting – I waaaaant, I want…..I waaaaant, I want, I want to go SHOPPPIIIIIING! Lol… I could use with a little bit of a wardrobe uplift.

Playing – A whole lot of snapchat videos from Feizal. I’m talking a weeks’ worth of snapping and not 5secs a day. I think it is safe to say that I may not be able to function without Internet connection in this day and age.

Wasting – No time getting back in the gym…. I reaaaallly want this flat tummy like yesterday! Lol

Enjoying –  My last day of leave. I just paid for my Netflix subscription so you can imagine what I’ll be doing all night tonight. Ahhh it is the little things in life…lol

LikingThis blog post on Men by Craving Yellow….I think she pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Wondering –  Whether Kenyans will ever be as united as other folk from other nations are. Tribal lines have divided us greatly and this past one week in Ethiopia made it so evident and put it in perspective for me. We need to pray for this our nation.

Loving – My birthday gifts from Samiha, Hayat and Family. If anyone got it right this year, it was them. I have been talking about my need for new perfume scents and guess who now has the cutest bottles of fragrance? Yaaap! LOOOOVE! Shukran fam 🙂


Reminiscing – On the amazing times I had in Ethiopia. I Know I promised to keep you all posted on the snap but who knew WiFi is not so readily available? Thanking everyone who followed me though, I’ll upload some pictures so that you don’t feel short changed 🙂

Needing – a scrub and moisturizing session for my face as well as a moisturizing and sealing one for my hair . This evening will be one for self love as you can already tell 🙂

Wearing – A beautiful Baati / Dira / Sheet *they call them that in Addis* that I got myself when I was busy exploring Addis. The colors are bold and calm and there is a whole lot of blue in there. I’m starting to think that blue is my Favorite color. Joe, does this answer your question? 🙂

Following – You! Well at least I want to follow you. Have a cool instagram page, or a popping snap, heck an insightful blog? Leave links and handles below and I’ll get following! It’s all about You, You, YOU ! 🙂 x

Noticing – That I’m opening up a lot  more to people and making new friendships than I have had in the past couple of years. I’m experiencing a lot of Ups too lately and I can’t help but wonder if these are the times He promised when I lost my mum and everything in my life spiralled downwards. I lost a mother and not too long after a Lover and I literally felt like my world was over. *I’m a hopeless romantic guys , I think we have established that by now*

                               Jeremiah 29:11 played repeatedly in my mind on that Fateful day on the December of 2013 and many times there after and I truly wondered whether He really had plans to prosper me, when He had just taken the one from whose womb I had become. Over the years I seeked for the days of His promises and I can truly say that they are coming to pass.


Knowing – that I am at a good place in my life, emotionally,mentally, physically and even socially 🙂

For some reason weight gain and smoother skin are always indicators that things are going right in my life and hunny let me tell you im packing those Kgs and I’m glowing! *As usual a little vanity because why not?*

Thinking – That I really need to make this blog official and buy a domain name and do that whole blog shebang, but I don’t know if I can deal with having to regrow my following *hides face* You guys have been so great and faithful and growing in numbers and I am kinda scared of  ” 0 Followers ” showing up on my stats page. Lol…….Advice?

Feeling – That I need a date with the bathroom. Lol….I guess the colon cleanse is as instant as Hayat warned me it would be. Thanks for this boo and sorry for grossing y’all out but hey, this taking stock thing is meant to be an “In the moment” kinda thing. Lol

Bookmarking – Well about to bookmark “Of Motherless Daughters” – I have been meaning to get the book and I think it is about time that I do .

Marvelling –  At the force that is culture. I’m sorry guys but Ethiopia has me on a whole different ledge just as I expected it would. Traveling does a lot for my perspective and each time I wander I feel the trajectory change, the lens focused, the angles angled and the views new, fresh, divergent.

Be sure to check out my next blog post for all things Ethiopia and do have yourselves a wonderful week ahead.


Make them know your name!

All the best!

Love and Love






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