se.cret : Something that is not properly understood; a mystery

 : A valid but not commonly known or recognised method of achieving or                    maintaining something

This definition hits it right smack in the middle.

It captures everything that this is.

It captures exactly what the secret is.

A few weeks ago he asked me whether I had watched the secret and that if I hadn’t I should get right on it.I promised I would watch it soon but life happened and it was not until another two weeks, give or take, had passed that I watched it.

It so happens that I had actually watched the movie many years back either in primary or high school and had since forgotten about it and was thus excited to re-watch it just to refresh my memory.

When I had first watched it, I did not internalise it as much as I should have and evidently so, I lost my grip on the secret.

The secret is about the law of attraction in all areas of your life. It mainly feeds the material aspects of life but who is to say it should not work on everything else including the spiritual? While I have decided to combine and intertwine the Secret with God, there is no doubt that there is something about the energies that one attracts to themselves.

I remember texting him back quickly to say how much of the TRUTH this movie was because I could attest to it almost 100 percent.


You see in a nutshell, the secret is all about channelling the right energies to obtain and achieve the things and feelings that you want. It is all about focusing your energy on that car you want by thinking, speaking and breathing the car in question. It is about having that car on your vision board and believing that that car will be yours to name and call mine.

I recently became obsessed with having new scents in cute bottles on my dressing table and all I wanted for my birthday this year was a new perfume. “If all I could have is one new scent, I’ll have the best birthday ever,” I thought.

I talked about perfumes at the office, browsed the net for different brands of perfume, read a book that was almost entirely focused on perfume, took my dad window shopping for perfume and had frequent conversations with him on the same and even keyed in “perfume” as part of my budget for the month.

Perfume is not a big thing to brood over but I didn’t want any ordinary perfume, I wanted the best of the best and I didn’t want just one bottle, although one bottle would very well make my day especially if it came as a gift.I knew I wanted new scents but my actions around it were absolutely subconscious but very deliberate in attracting the right energies.

It was not until I watched the secret that I not only connected my three new bottles of perfume lying on my dresser with the law of attraction, but every success I had had in the recent past.

My dad happened to walk in one day with a gift in hand and it was a bottle of Organza perfume by Givenchy. An early birthday gift that reminded me of my mother because it was one of her signature scents. I said a hearty “Thank youuuuuu” and then put it away and soon forgot about it. Subconsciously though, I was still thinking about new perfume. Then Ethiopia came and saw me leave with two new bottles of perfume. Bvlgari and Alina Corel.

The Secret talks about getting the things you have been attracting to yourself and sometimes through unexpected ways. See, I knew I wanted a new scent, I had blabbered about it on here and everywhere else for all to hear but I was certain that I would either get it myself OR have my father get it for me. I did not have the slightest clue that Hayat and family thought it the perfect gift to give me on the day I was leaving to Nairobi. I remember tearing up and saying that they got me exactly what I wanted for my birthday this year.

Simply by attracting the right energies, I got exactly what I wanted this year, and I mean EXACTLY.


The movie had me contemplating on every thing big that I had planned for and turns out with all those things, even subconsciously so, I was eating and breathing them away. The breakthrough at my workplace, my offer to take my masters degree, my thirst to move on from heartbreak, you name it, all these things I made happen simply by applying the secret and I didn’t even know.

God is obviously my step one on the secret. I am constantly on my knees pleading my case with him for the things I want, that is when I am not telling Him how amazing He is and right after Him come the actionable.

The Vision boards filled with your future, the fleeting thoughts about this one thing daily, the searching and researching of said thing, the growing and positioning of one self in situations that put us a step closer to the desired outcome. The deliberate intentions to attract the things we want to ourselves.

My perfume may be a small example but would you believe it if I told you that the secret has had some people buying their dream homes that they placed on their vision boards decades ago?

I guess all I am saying is that anything is possible if you just believe.

No, seriously, you just have to BELIEVE.

Then you have to put God first and then you have to act on it and you will be amazed. You are what you think and if hunny you think  you are the greatest then damn right you are! Just keep channelling and attracting towards yourself and watch them call you great. Do great things and watch the name Great replace your first name. Be Great.

Maybe I haven’t sold you on the secret and I probably sound like I am in over my head with a theory that has had it’s luck in my life , but I implore you, watch this Movie right here and if you are not sold there after, then hell call bullocks.

Chances are though, we shall be smiling together as we tick off the dreams on our vision boards one by one and we can bet on that….maybe 🙂

Sending you lots of love and positive energy , may you conquer your dreams.


Love and Love,










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