So Long, Farewell

You see the thing about growing up is that the seasons become more apparent, more real. They are noticeable and now all of a sudden carry great meaning. You begin to get invites for different occasions and many a times the invitation is addressed to you and not your parents.

You are well past the age where you attend weddings of your parents’ friends or funerals of third generation uncles and aunts you probably never met. You are past the age where you were dragged to baby showers and 1st year birthday parties of children you don’t even know.

Everything changes.

You are now at the age where your friends are begetting their own.

You are at the age where you go shopping for wedding frock to attend your friend’s wedding.

You are at the age where you experience death.

Death that is more close to home.

Death of parents, loved ones, friends, siblings; unforgiving death.

The thing about Death is that she comes when you least expect it and she takes those who seemed to breathe two or more lifetimes.

Those who were filled with so much life you would swear they would live to eternity and beyond.

She comes and devastates the norm and leaves grief and sadness, brokenness and regret.


A lot has been said about our dear friend and his Spirit of kindness and generosity. His ability to bring warmth to a room and fill it with laughter. His wit and his great prowess in football and I am just one more soul that can attest to it.

A friendship that solely began because of the mere fact that we attended sister schools. A time of pure innocence when the Kianda girls would want to know whether the Strathmore boys were attending our sports day and even more particular; was Koros and his friends attending our sports day?

A friendship that slowly dwindled but found life yet again when we met at the university and we were all holding each others hands as we started to #Adult. Conversations shared about study, lecturers, boys, girls, relationships; Life.

A friendship that saw us saving each other seats on the 9:00pm bus on Thursday evenings and making that call to ensure that neither of us got left behind.

A friendship that led to you taking that oh-so embarrassing picture of my crush and I back then and you posting it on twitter and me bidding you to take it down.

A friendship that had me letting you drink freely out of my water bottle those times that I would attend HFC football games to find the team remembered their football jerseys, football boots but forgot to carry enough water for the whole team. Typical boys. 🙂

A friendship that does not compare to those you had with the people who spent waking days with you and those who kept in constant communication.

However, a friendship that I am glad I had with you. A friendship that I do not take for granted and one that I will always hold dear.

He takes the best of the best to be in His corner and it seems He couldn’t take another day up there without you. The angels are rejoicing because the great is back home. Fare thee well Paul Koros. Sleep well. Until we meet again.


Love and Love,







  • 3 years ago

    What happened to Koros please ? I don’t believe it . I just thought about him last week. I am so heart broken. He was such a fun guy. We shared so many laughs and unforgettable conversations in usiu! I don’t believe it . Was it a car accident ? He was such an amazing guy . Just goes to show you how short life is . Death is but a journey we must all take . He had a certain respect for women also that most others don’t have.
    I don’t believe it , I always thought our lives would cross paths again. I can’t believe just like that you are gone Koros!!!
    Rest with the angels . Till we meet again.
    Love ,

    • 3 years ago

      He was indeed a great guy. One who held attributes that many would only dream of having. May his soul rest in Eternal peace.

  • 3 years ago

    Lovely…. I barely knew him but i am shocked…. Its a sobering experience losing someone that was the biggest light in the room so soon. RIP Koros.

    • 3 years ago

      It really is, may he rest in Eternal peace.

  • Waturi
    3 years ago

    Wow Barbie this is soo beautiful truly a great soul lost.. it’s sad to see him gone soo soon ?

    • 3 years ago

      Thank you Waturi, it is indeed very sad 🙁

  • 3 years ago

    Awww thanks for the mention love 🙂 xx

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