Taking Stock : August

There is something about the fact that, today is the first day of the month that just happens to land on the first working day of the week, that has me in all good spirits and positive vibes. I also have to give it to the weather for sparing us with the cold and just serving us with all kinds of warmth and goodness.



Making – changes in my life.

Change is never welcome, in fact as humans, we would much rather do without it.  However, change is inevitable and change is good, so I am excited about the new turn in the road that I have decided to take and I hope it all goes well.

Cooking – Hoping to get into the kitchen a lot more now that I have so much time on my hands.

Drinking – I just drank a bottle of water after my morning work out with my best bud Feizal 🙂

Reading – Heretic 🙂 It is the last book of the sequel and right after I will get on a Chimamanda book. So excited!!!

Wanting – I want things to start falling in place because the part of me that likes to have a plan is about to go into panic mode and we all know how that just does not work in my favor.

Playing – I played Pokemon GO today with Feizal during our session. Well he mostly played and I watched, but it’s basically the same thing right?

Wasting – I am scared of this word now. I don’t want to be wasting anything, not time, not food,not money, NOTHING. Please away with wasting things.

Wishing – I wish I was in Santorini, Greece, enjoying the weather, wearing a little white dress and a floppy hat to match and just appreciating life.

Enjoying – Sitting in the sun, typing this blog post and knowing that for a while I shall be able to do whatever it is that I please before I fall back into a routine.

Liking Appreciating – true, honest friendships that are directed towards individual growth of the parties involved.

At 23, I happen to have a very mature outlook towards life, sometimes a little far beyond my years, and it may feel like those around me just don’t see things from the same point of view but it is very reassuring when you have deep conversations and you realize that there is nothing wrong with that.

Wondering – what next? Like I implied, I am currently in a Limbo of sorts and I am a bit confused and unsettled with my life right now, but I just trust in God to steer my purpose to His will following the path that He intends.

Loving – How healthy, thick and full my hair is looking and feeling right now 🙂 It has been 2 years of transitioning and I am loving the progress!! I can’t wait to have it fully blown out this December 🙂

Marvelling – At how literal this phrase can be ” Man plans, God Laughs .”

I think He just laughed at me and I know He wasn’t being mean about it but I guess it was His way of saying that He has other plans and that I should not at any one moment forget that, He will remind me. Here is to letting my main Man plan and steer my life.

Needing Anticipating – My holiday!!!!!!! You guys know how much I like to get out and about, I actually have a blog post ready about my last adventure, so I am super excited that I will be “Wanderlusting” again!!! Woohoo….I cannot wait to just let my hair down and not have my mind on overdrive. At this rate, someone needs to pay me to travel. Honestly though.

Wearing –  A baati! The sun is out and I am lazing around today so I couldn’t think of anything better to wear at this moment .

Noticing – That I am getting many new readers following my old blog. It’s so sweet, please follow this blog instead to keep up with the latest musings that I have from here henceforth. Thank you Fam 🙂

Knowing –  That God’s plans for me are great and that all I need to do is trust His timings.

You know that moment when you really want something and His answer turns out to be “Wait” and you just don’t know what to do because you feel thrown off your balance? Well, that is where I am at, but I am putting my faith and trust in Him. 🙂

Thinking – Well I am thinking about the different cover letters that I am tasking myself to write right after this. Also, I am subconcsiously thinking about what outfit to wear out for an evening date with my homegirl later on today. hmmm

Feeling – Anxious, nervous, and excited amongst other feelings for the coming months.

Bookmarking –  A lot of diferent articles online, from motivational one’s to “OMG” ones and even some with marketing advice 🙂 Also, different spruced up cover letters 🙂

Opening – A packet of potato crisps, the cravings are quite real!! 🙂

The past months have been quite eye opening and I have stumbled quite a bit and I am only now trying to regain my balance. I have learned that Life does not always go according to our plans and that is okay. I have also learnt that God has His own timing and it is perect timing and thus no matter how hard you get on your knees and pray, His perfect Will will prevail. At the time things will seem to have gone haywire and sideways but the hidden glories, successes, triumphs, victories, all those wins, they are on their way. I am yet to see my win through this curve ball but I am believing that only good things can come of this.

Plans to prosper us and not to harm us,  Plans to give us a hope and a future – Jeremiah 29:11

Have a winning Month Fam, God’s got you!!






  • Gatho
    3 years ago

    “Trust in his timings”?

    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      Amen, thanks babe 🙂

  • Ephraim wa Morage
    3 years ago

    Very Nice. I really like the new blog

    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      Thank you very much Ephraim 🙂

  • Khadija
    3 years ago

    Baati is correct! I hate people calling it Dirac and it’s not! Loved the read !

    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      Awww thank you 🙂 I also don’t get people who insist on saying Dirac. lol, Look at me acting Somali, lol 🙂

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