Nyandarua County, Kichakani Paradise ; Part One

Why not #TembeaKenya to a county you have never been to? A weekend away with friends, good food, laughter, love and a whole lot of new memories?

My thirst for travel is real and I think I am rubbing it off on my friends. I can’t seem to sit still and after Ethiopia, I still felt like I was not done. I was not “balling” enough to travel out of the country but I needed to scratch. I was itching for new adventure, new lands, I was itching to travel.

I reached out to my friend Vanessa and laid it down for her, there were no options, it was Travel or Travel. I got the ball rolling and she got the plans in place. Nyandarua county was not ready for the 10 eager young adults coming it’s way.

Only though, WE were NOT ready for Nyandarua county!!!


Vanessa and I had it ALL figured out. We would pre book the accomodation, collect money, go shopping the morning of the trip, fuel the cars just before we set off and make sure no matter what, that we would leave Nairobi at 11am.

I don’t think I have to tell you how that 11am became 1pm because you know african timing, fuel stations and last minute plans. Eventually though, we were on the road. A convoy of two cars, 5 young adults in each, music, snacks, conversation and laughter. LET’S DO THIS!!

The road was smooth, the traffic moderate and the environment calm. We made a quick stop over for food at the Chicken inn in Naivasha and were soon back on the road headed to our home for the weekend. The cars were one behind the other,until overtaking happened and we were soon no longer in a convoy. With a somewhat clear understanding of the route though, this was going to be no problem. All we had to do is take the turning off at Gilgil and it should be pretty direct from there , right? Plus we had google maps if anything, we would definitely get to our destination.

See the thing is though, google maps stops being your friend when there are more than 2 routes to one destination with the ony difference being that 1 is passable and the rest are not, but that is none of google’s concern. Google my friend, does not know what bushes and thickets are and God forbid you try explaining to her that a route is impassable because, well, country side muddy roads ain never heard of tarmack.

I have a good hunch that you have guessed right. YAP! We got lost, not once but TWICE, biting into any daylight that we had to ensure we could still make it during the DAY as well as any plans we had of beating the rain.

Clouds pregnant with rain delivered their babies and we were on the receiving end of the labor pains.

Picture this….

Near torrential rains, extremely muddy skiding roads, no street lights and on a WRONG road.

Vanessa and her car Fam had made it to the lodging in one piece, tired and exhausted, only got lost once, but in one piece. My car fam on the other hand experienced quite the adventure.

Car Number 2 with Feizal behind the Camera

We had finally found our way to the entrance of sorts and now had to cover 7km before we got to the lodging. We were relieved. A relief that was short lived when we took ANOTHER wrong turn and it all went to shit when we drove right into a massive trench that we could never have anticipated, seeing that the whole area was flooded. (Remember the pregnant clouds?)

It was time for crisis management and we needed to act FAST! Water was rushing into the car through the engine and all we could imagine was that the whole car, a prado, would get submerged and we would drown. It was time to think fast.

Feizal: “Everybody close their windows and start moving towards the boot so that we can get out!”

The Calm after the storm
Did somebody say Photoshoot?

The adrenaline running through my veins had me already at the boot even before he could finish his sentence as well as on the phone screaming all sorts of autrocities at Vanessa with the aim of getting her to act fast and gather a rescue team for us.


Aggie: ” Let me try the door ( it had previously refused to open, I assume due to the force of the water flowing our way) again. IT’S Open”

Barbara: “Okay good Aggie, GET OUT, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!”

Aggie: ” There is no where to step, It is all flooded.” “Okay , wait, this villager has helped me, FOLLOW MY  steps”

Soon we were all out of the car together with our valuables, staring at each other in the rain in bewilderment as the Chief of the area (Yap, the Chief. It was pure luck that this man was leaving a council meeting at that very time and happened to find us in our predicament ) tried to call a tractor that would hopefully pull the car out of the trench.

Aggie and Joe were getting numbers of anyone that could help, Feizal was on the phone with his dad and brother for advice on what to do with the car, Sandra was trying to keep calm (with her phone dead, there was nothing much she could do but try be the calm one, which ofcourse was after the LOUD scream she let out as we plunged into the deep) and I, well,  I was losing my mind on the phone with both Vanessa and the manager of the lodging.

You see, the both of them were as calm as could be even after telling them that there was a possibility that the car would be swept away and that we could maybe die accompanied by a handful of obscenities that were leaving my mouth due to the panic. Obviously, I do not handle fear well and they were on the receiving end. This article about Geminis proved true especially when it came to how they deal when mad. What was worse is that they did not seem to appreciate the magnitude of the problem and this made me boil.

Kichakani Paradise

Eventually though, through Aggie’s and Joe’s efforts we got a team of men and tractors out in the rain to come help us. It did not help that half of them were heffing heavily but we had no choice. Every other person we had tried to reach had turned down the job saying that the said road was impassable and they would not dare risk getting into the same predicament. I am almost certain that a good number of the rescue team must have questioned our sanity for driving down that road. We couldn’t have known.

It was a good number of hours between pulling the car out, debating on whether to take Nduthi’s (Motorbikes) to the loding seeing as the car could not start, debating against it, being towed to the lodging and not before sliding off the muddy slippery road a number of times and finally getting to the lodge.

We were exhausted, hungry, angry, greatful, happy, a whole array of emotions, when we finally got to the lodging.

We had only landed (LOL) in Nyandarua county and the trip was already on a different note!….

Stay tuned for guest posts from the Nyandarua Squad as we all recall our experience of the trip that went from 0 – 100, real quick!!!

Love and Love,









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