The Irene Abwoga Cancer Foundation (TIACF)


She is a thief,

one who has mastered the art of theft and cares not who her victims will be.

She preys on those you least expect with no remorse, whatever may that be?

She knows no race, color or religion,

no family ties, bonds or friendships.

She cares not anyway, her only purpose, away the ships must sail.

Oh the Irony it is, when I must give credit where it is due and it is to her that I turn when I need to acknowledge those that inspired this blog.

A cold stare is all my visage can master,

but I give credit where its due ;

Cancer is the blue that gave birth to this hue,

the hue that I embody,

the hue that represents this young , bold, educated, woke,

this powerful , spiritual, African woman hardened by her after effects,

this woman, me,

this lady, me,

this me that is stronger today

….if only I did not have to owe my strength to her.

You see, this devil in the night, this , this , this Cancer, her,

she has struck again and now I’m here, Again, as usual,

she never seems to let me forget her presence.

In the past 1 month alone, I have been approached by three individuals reaching out to me about cancer.

To ask the hows and whys.

To ask for nothing but just a shoulder to lean on, advice.

To ask for the “Who can we call?” and to share the “We only have a few months together.”

In this month alone, I have thought about cancer more times than I usually do in a month and I have a feeling that it is time to own up to my dreams and make them a reality.

I vowed to start a cancer foundation in my mother’s name three years ago to help cancer patients as well as contribute to finding a cure and three years later, I am still here. My dream is just that, a dream.

But not for much longer,

since my mother passed I have had friends losing loved ones to cancer every other day and just yesterday I heard that there was a robbery at the home of a teacher and a friend, Cancer was the thief and a life is what she stole. In peace be, may the rest of her soul.

It is not unorthodox but just her norm, it’s lives she is after, just a norm.

I think it is about time I start The Irene Abwoga Cancer Foundation. 




  • Kevin
    4 years ago

    Nice message you got there.God shall bless the works of your hands as you transform people’s lives.???

    • Barbara
      4 years ago

      Awww thank you very much Kevin 🙂

  • 4 years ago

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