September : Taking Stock


Sometimes I do silly things like this pose

Making – Plans to start working on The Irene Abwoga Cancer Foundation. There is nothing that would make me happier than knowing that someone else got to enjoy more years or even an eternity with a loved one just because they were able to access  the right treatment early enough. Other than that though, just being able to speak words of encouragement to someone  would go a long way. I can’t tell you how much the right attitude goes a long way when it comes to cancer.

Cooking – Well dinner the night before last  was a plate of rosemary roasted potatoes, chicken stew and mixed cabbage and Kale. I love the fact that I have more time to cook for my family 🙂

Drinking – H2O on the regular 🙂 I got myself a faancy new bottle and we all know how the perfect bottle will have you downing litres of water, no stress no issues 🙂

Dolphin Hunting 🙂

Reading – Well, I have just finished Heretic by Ayaan Ali and I have 7 new books at my disposal  so it might just be an “Ini mini myni mo” typa choice. Although, with how factual, political and religious Heretic was, I might just pick up Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda. I don’t know why I haven’t read it until now tbh…but hey here we go 🙂

Wanting – I want a huuuuge glass of the salted Caramel Milkshake from 360 degrees!!

Playing – I am just about to hit the play button on Anti…feeling a Rih Rih typa way today.

Wasting – Eggs trying to get the egg white to use as a facial mask.

Wishing – All of you a great month ahead filled with prosperity and success. The world is yours for the taking so go get it 🙂

Enjoying – Being at home and waking up in the late morning hours. Bliss!

Such a beautiful sunrise at the Mara

Liking – How soft, shiny and smooth my hair was looking and feeling after a deep conditioning with bentonite clay and honey 🙂

Thanking –  All my friends and family for showing up for me on my special day! Special thanks to the Big Guy upstairs 🙂

Wondering – How it is that one can still be the exact same person after all the experiences and time passed. What is growth?

Loving – The fact that the weekend is HERE! Yaay!

Marvelling – at all the books I have waiting to be read! I guess 20 books this year will become a reality! Yaas \o/

Needing – to go back to the gym. Skipping one day is the Real EP when you gym and your will to lift is at 0.  However, the results keep you going! Well, that and all your friends on SnapChat killing it at the gym. Hey Fiona and Kathambi 🙂

Wearing – Well , I am still in my pajamas. Something about working from home that comes with so much freedom. Lol

Reminiscing – About the amazing getaway to the Mara and the coast that I took with Diana and Bjorn.  Memories are made of those.


Noticing – That this is the longest time I have had stick on nails EVER. They feel so natural ,I even forget I have them on. Shout out to Nancy at Leo’s Salon for hooking me up 🙂

Knowing – That this weekend will be lit! I am ready to let my hair down 🙂

Thinking – that taking a risk is many times a good idea 🙂 Either that or I am addicted to challenges.

Feeling – Pumped for all the big dreams and goals that I have set my mind on. It is time to begin the work.

Giggling –  I am still giggling at all those USIU memes that were making rounds last week. It really isn’t like that though….seriously. lol 🙂

Thank you as always for reading, following and subscribing 🙂

Love and Love





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