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Image Credits: JanseenUk
Image Credits: JanseenUk

Cancer is a deadly disease that is spreading rapidly, and affecting many families especially in Kenya. It is a disease so close to home that it came knocking on my family’s door in the form of leukaemia and demanded to take a walk with my mother. A walk that saw our lives revolve around hospitals, needles, blood, pain and tears. One that had us living some of her last years with us, with the fear of death at the back of our minds. A fear that became a reality that left us at the foot of a grave devoid of tears. What can you do when you have no more tears to cry? When you lose your will to live because what is the meaning of life without the one that gave you life?

Blood Cancer is a topic so close to my heart and working with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen in their Blood Initiative to make blood cancer visible during this #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth is accepting to my soul. To know that through this Initiative a family member somewhere may not have to tell a story similar to mine is comforting.

Of all the different forms of cancer, blood cancer ranks in the top 10 of most common types.  It presents itself in 3 forms; Leukaemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. It is said that more than a third of blood cancer patients do not survive 5 years after diagnosis.

The disease is on a killing spree. It is a disease that knows no race or colour, size or shape.  In 2008 alone, Cancer was responsible for 13% of the deaths in the whole world. Even here in Kenya, Cancer is rapidly becoming a major killer, affecting both the young and old across all classes of society.

The facts are hard and tough to grasp, but what if we told you that you could prolong the life of a cancer patient or contribute to their healing?

What if I told you that you could save up to 3 lives, with one single act of kindness, would you do it?

Would you do it if you knew you could become someone’s hero?

Not only one person’s hero but THREE people’s hero?

You see, with every pint of blood donation you make, you could save 3 people’s lives. With just one donation, a desperate cancer patient could enjoy longer life, less pain and more time with their family.

Without the possibility of manufacturing blood in a laboratory, blood donations are the only way that such patients can survive.

Who knows, your blood could be the very one that leads to a successful bone marrow transplant for someone out there.

Your plasma and your red blood cells could be the very reason that someone out there has more time on this earth with their loved ones. A simple prick on your skin to draw blood could make a whole lot of difference in the world.

If there is even a 1% chance that your donation could save a life, let alone 3, would you take it?

They say that there are 5 languages of love and one of them is the acts of service. Each one of us has a purpose in this life and some have discovered theirs and some have not, but if there is one purpose that is certain for all, it is to show love. I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that there is no deeper love for another human being than that which involves you sharing a very part of yourself…your blood.

So this is a call to you, to donate blood today, and not only today but on any occasion here after without thinking twice about it. Your donation could be your neighbour’s saving grace and of all the things we need in this world, it is to love one another. Yes, I just implied that blood donation = love.

So go on,




Heroes come in all types and sizes, You don’t have to be Batman to save a life



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