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Guys, guys, guys, I KNOW. I know I have been quiet on here and my love notes have been scarce. #Adulting has been real and I have just been trying to sort everything out. I have been taking each day at a time and things are slowly falling into place. Slowly but surely….

I hope you had a chance to read yesterday’s post and have 1 less pint of blood in your body if you know what I mean. You will regenerate it anyway, so why fret?

Soo…I came across this question tag on facebook and I thought it would be fun to do on here as a peace offering for going silent on you.

Apology accepted? Yes, no, maybe? lol

Okay, here we go fam 🙂


? Been married: Nope….Not gonna happen any time soon either. So many things I want to accomplish before I can even start thinking about that. Plus the prices of insurance policies, education policies, houses and cars are at an all time high,I need to make some cash!

? Gone on a blind date: Never actually now that I think about it. I don’t think I am all about the surprise reveal. What if they don’t meet some expectations? Visual expectations if I’m being honest.

? Had children:  Not yet, I can’t wait though. I have a weakness for babies 🙂

? Skipped school: well sometimes you just couldn’t be bothered right?

? Been to France : Yaaaas! It was a weekend of pure bliss and beauty 🙂


? Ridden in an ambulance: Fortunately, I haven’t.

? Been to America: I haven’t but I hope I can fly down soon and pay my baby brother a visit.

? Been to Europe : . I have….I fell in love! Sweden is top on my list of favourite countries 🙂

? Been to Cape Town: Twice for almost a month on both occassions. Such a serene city that holds some of my best memories with my mother. May her soul forever rest in Peace.

? Flown in a helicopter:  Do the small aircrafts from Wilson airport qualify as helicopters? Lol….okay , okay..no.

? Been on a cruise: Almost… and then bad planning and lack of time happened.

☔️ Danced in the rain: Ofcourse, Y.O.L.O lol 🙂

? Sung: Always! I live for shower Karaoke and Praise & Worship on Sundays 🙂

☎️prank calls:  Can’t remember the last time I made one though. Probably in high school. It was actually in high school during a retreat. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. #GoodTimes

? laughed so hard you cried: I laugh so hard I pee my pants. It is actually a problem. #Sigh

❄ played in snow:  I felt like a baby my first time ever. I suck at making a snow man though but my snow angel is legit 🙂


? Had a pet: Roxy and Rheno. They were mixed breeds….terriers/ havanese / bolognese (one of these, I THINK) and something else. lol. Roxy came home around the same time my sister was born and they grew up together until we had to give them away. Rheno was a terror.

? Been sledging on a big hill: In Kenya? lol

? Been downhill skiing: I haven’t.

Been jet skiing:  I am ashamed to answer no to this question.

? Ridden on a quad:  Not yet, soon though 🙂

? Travelled on a bus, train & coach: Yes maam 🙂

✈ Jumped out of a plane: I don’t know if I would have the stomach for it once I get up there, but I would want to try.

? Been to an outside movie: Well, I was at a cool screening yesterday at the Alchemist titled Frame by Frame 🙂

? Ridden a camel: yes, a while ago though. All I remember is that I don’t like the process of the Camel getting up and getting back down.

? Ridden a donkey: But why? Honestly, the poor thing already gets so much stick as it is.

? Been on TV: There is a chance that I will be featuring on a show soon. Stay tuned for deets 🙂

snapchat-3765486777517989311 snapchat-3413700332088297457



? Been in the newspaper:  I have. It was a feature on USIU and its exchange programs 🙂

? Stayed in hospital: Yes! For a week during Christmas when I was about 13 or so. Malaria had me down and I looked like I had just suffered an electric shock ( the ones you see in cartoons with the persons hair stuck upright) when we walked in and the doctor admitted me immediately. First and last time though. I thank God for good health.

? Donated blood: You know what actually? It is #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth and I am working with Johnson & Johnson and Janssen on an Internal drive they have for the same. So I will be donating blood today 🙂 Please make a point to donate blood guys, there is a deficit of blood in the blood banks AAAND , 1 pint of your blood could save up to 3 lives, did you know? So please, Donate?

? Had a piercing:  HAD is right. I took off my monroe piercing about 2 years ago. I had outgrown it but it was good while it lasted 🙂

? Had a tattoo: I have one.

? Driven over 100 km/h: Many times. There is something about speed and the adrenaline rush. Don’t get me wrong though, I am a safe driver 🙂

? Lived on your own:  For 6 months in Sweden. Best 6 months of my life!

? Had a speeding ticket: We need speeding tickets in Kenya as opposed to these on the spot fines with the court dates Hullabaloo that just always ends up turning into a bribing situation. To answer the question though, no, I have not been fined for speeding.

? Broken a bone: I have not.

? Had stitches: I can’t even fathom it.

? Travelled Alone: Best form of Therapy I must say 🙂

The Newspaper feature of my house mates and I on a “family” trip to Denmark. That was a pretty neat trip too 🙂 You can barely see me, but hey.


I like this question tag, it was fun to do 🙂 Do comment below with a link to your blog if you have done this tag or any other cool ones and remember to subscribe 🙂 You don’t want to miss out on everything I have coming your way 🙂

Alright Fam, It’s about 9am and I need to be out of the house and on Mombasa road like yesterday. Have a beautiful day and stay blessed.

Love and Love, 






  • Fiona Amemba
    4 years ago

    Loved it!!

    • Barbara
      4 years ago

      Awww thank you Fiona 🙂 xx

  • Nyokabi
    4 years ago

    Hahahaha…danced in the rain with you boo <3

    • Barbara
      4 years ago

      Yessssss 🙂 xxx

  • nthenya
    4 years ago

    Fiti sana….your thought process and literally skills are fused to the bone…..write on babe gal

    • Barbara
      4 years ago

      Let’s just be honest, you are my number 1 fan! Asante sana 🙂 xx

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