Maasai Mara


To go to infinity and beyond, to see the world and change the word, that there in lies hidden treasures of the earth, but of you too. Yourself, You, Me.

I will not truly have lived if i don’t scope the corners of this earth, to see more, find more, BE more.

Traveling is one of those things my being cannot be without. Whether it is time away for pure relaxation, time away to pick up myself and refocus or even time away to meet new people and experience different cultures, traveling is just that thing that gives me an extra boost.

This year, I vowed to BE AFRICA , whether it meant in my reading or in my travels (My 2 absolute most favourite things to do in the world!) and I made sure that I kept my word.

I read from Somalia to Nigeria soaking up the words that I almost felt a physical presence and then I traveled to Ethiopia and my heart was at peace.

My next adventures had me stay true to my vows and there I was on a tiny aircraft on my way to the Mara, a round trip that would end up in the coast. I was probably about 12 or 13 the first and only time I was at the Mara and for some reason I could barely remember my experience. I was stoked to be going back about 10 years later and with my amazing swedish family  for company. That the trip would wind up with me enjoying the sandy beaches of the coast was just the cherry on top!


ShiquesAfrica Safaris Limited, a tours and travel company by Cleopatra Gichuki handled the itenarary and all we had to do was show up! They booked the hotel, organized for our tour guide and booked our air tickets to and from the Mara all at an affordable package. We all know that the Mara is crazy pricey and if you can get a good deal, then why the hell not? Shiques Africa came through and our stay at the Mara intrepids was amazing, our flight with Safari Link comfortable and our game drives through the park all the way LIT! We got to experience the 7th Wonder of the world and catch some of the big cats go at it with their prey.

It was an amazing #TembeaKenya experience that I definitely will not forget this time round.

Check out my next blog post on the coast for an experience of Mombasa that I have NEVER had all the other times I have been there.

Here are some great shots from Diana , Bjorn and I.


Love and Love,





The wilderbeast at it 🙂 #WondersOfTheWorld













You can barely see him, but he is up there 🙂




Thank you for taking the time, catch you in the next one 🙂 





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