Mombasa Raha

Where better to take your worries than to the ocean? 

The coast is just one of those places you need for complete and utter relaxation. 

To take a beather and just be, no stress , no worries, no wahala. 


I have been to the coast and Mombasa in particular countless times. The routine is ALWAYS the same. Sleep, eat, relax, eat , sleep REPEAT.

In fact, I can almost count the number of times that we have intentionally left the hotel on other business that did not involve the above routine. It was purely good times, time away to get fat and SLEEP as much as possible in a bid to unwind from the ever so busy, fast paced Nairobi life that promises to keep you stressed and tired mentally, physically and emotionally!

You can imagine my obvious excited reaction when I had a weeks stay at the coast jam packed with activities that I usually wouldn’t get up to otherwise.


I mean, who wouldn’t opt for a whole day, feet up, eating, drinking as you watch the ocean doing it’s thing and then later on watch God show off as the sun sets?

However, I was ready to give up this old routine for a whole new experience of Mombasa thanks to Khush and her family and friends.


But first….

It was first things first with a visit to Mamba village, a now majorly run down crocodile farm that I was more than pumped to walk through as it brought back memories of the past.

Good memories of me as a child with both my Late aunt and mum …good memories. I also got to hold a baby crocodile for the first time ever so that is something 🙂

This is actually at haller park during feeding time

A day trip to Wasini Island was easily my favorite time during my stay.

From a full view of dolphins enjoying themselves to good food on the Island and a good hour of snorkeling , I quite enjoyed myself.

It was one of those nights that I slept like a baby from pure exhaustion and managed to wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy the next day! (Yes, I know, that just sounded like I was writing a primary school essay)







…….and what is Mombasa without a tour of Fort Jesus,old town and haller park? What is it really without madafu drinking, cassava eating and henna painting? But really tell me, what is it without daily sunset watching from the English Point Marina?




Boko Boko was a promise of great traditional food and we all know that it is not a 360 trip if you do not get to experience the food or the culture.

While Boko Boko did not serve purely coastal food*to be honest I am not sure if there is something like this, plus they say it is a seychelloise restaurant*, they did serve a variety of African food boasting of the tastiest Githeri with coconut that I have ever tasted and served in the cutest dishes EVER!




It was Mombasa Raha like I did not know it and it was worth every penny I spent on that trip . Even the bodaboda ride to the airport in an effort to catch my flight was quite the cheap thrill, actually not so cheap, but a thrill all the same.

With all these things to do in the coastal region and more, I can bet that I am never spending another trip down to the coast sleeping and lazing about. It was a good week & a half of Maasai Mara goodness and coastal bliss, definitely one for the books 🙂

Thanks for reading, 

Love and Love, 




Photo credits: Me ( I really outdid myself I have to say, photography is not my strong suit)



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