Happy November

We are 14 days into the new month and this is the first time that I have gotten a minute to sit down and log into my blog in the past one month.

I have had an interesting 3 weeks with twice the workload, twice the challenge and  half the sleep. It has been an exciting ride and I am loving every minute of it.

Every day, I learn,

I learn new things about myself.

I have learned that my soul is one that is always  a searching, that challenges give me a high and that the minute I am not on that high my motivation dwindles, I stagnate.

I am currently on a high. I have a good feeling that I will be on this high for quite a while and I LIKE that.


Making – sure that I give 100% to everything that I commit to.  It is important to me that I say I gave something my all and when it doesn’t exactly work out at least I have that to comfort me.

Cooking – Let’s just say, I need to be in the kitchen more.

Drinking – I just finished sipping on an oreo Krusher :))

Reading – I am still on “The Storyteller.” At this rate, even 15 books is looking like a bleak reality 🙁

Wanting – I want to sleep for a whole day straight and spend more time with my friends too.

Playing – Loud music in the car on my way home from work every day. I usually get bothered when the volume is all the way up but of late it has become something that I enjoy.

Wasting – No time not living and building the future that I imagine for myself.

Wishing – that this keyboard could just co-operate with me. I know its 11pm on a Sunday night but I just NEED this keyboard to let me prosper. urgh.

Enjoying – Thursday date nights each week, I live for Thursdays 🙂

Liking – I like my new job 🙂 More than like it actually…

Wondering – whether I shall ever experience the Christmas holidays like I did when I was younger. You know the whole month long holidays, lazing around etc etc. The reality that working people get like 2 weeks off if they are lucky is a bit scary to me .

Loving – My hair!!! One more month till I can straighten it, I am excited 🙂

Marveling – at the Great I Am. Oh how wonderful is He. The one that died so that we could live. May His name be praised forever.

Needing – A shoe allowance. My addiction to perfume all year long is slowly transitioning into an addiction for shoes. I have always been a ngoma and flats kinda girl but lately cute peep toes and blocked heels are giving me so much LIFE.lol

Wearing – a baati, this is my standard night attire. I’m all for comfort 🙂

Noticing – that this blog post will have to go up tomorrow morning so maybe I should say good morning 🙂 Have a blessed week guys 🙂

Knowing – that I need to get into my bed ASAP. Sleep is important.

Thinking – That I need to get at least one more book down by the time the end of the year is here. Going in on the book full throttle this week God willing .

Feeling – Like I need to find time re-align my old routine with my new one and find a balance. I hit the ground running three weeks ago and some things had to give but now that I am settling, I need to find a balance. I need to keep doing the things that were growing me that I put on hold.

Bookmarking – A lot of blogs and series on my web browser. I see them when I can’t view them and try to save them for later. The challenge now is to actually get to reading or watching them. Sigh…

Opening – my bed covers in a few . YESSS!




Have a fabulous week and month ahead fam .

I hope you begin to welcome the Christmas cheer. The fuzzy, warm feeling Christmas brings is worth having a month in advance 🙂

Love and Love







  • Khadija
    3 years ago

    Peace love &flight boo ❤️

    • Khadija
      3 years ago


    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      And to you too boo 🙂 :*

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