Another Sunset

I don’t quite understand it,

A thief in the night that comes to rob,  a thief we must encounter if we seek the light.

A darkness that leads to a promotion ,

the only way in which we can see the light.

With just one visiting,

our smiles are turned up side down, our hearts weighed down.

Our faith is tested like never before and you question the love of the one who IS love.

Surely if you loved us so, wouldn’t you give us another minute? another hour? another day? another year?

Surely Lord, wouldn’t you protect us from the hurt in our hearts?

From drying out our insides through our tears?

I know the pain that harbors your heart, the millions of unanswered questions that roam your brain.

I  am here to say that there is a living GOD and that His will is pure and perfect.

That though we are beaten down, His grace and mercy lives on.


Oh death where is your sting?

When we experienced a warmness and joy like no other?

Where is your sting when the memories are etched never to be forgotten?


Where is your sting when a smile embedded cannot be removed or forgotten?

Oh death where is your sting when all you did was propel our own to the place we all seek to go?

But where is your sting, when the bosom of the Lord is where He rests, exactly as it was written?

We shall take heart because He who died for our sins is faithful. 

It is written that His plans are only to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future, and while it may be hard to comprehend or even merely grasp, we stay rest assured that He has our best interests at heart.

That He knows we can handle this. That when we have mourned as we have the right to, we will seek to glorify His name.

May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Love and Love








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