It is a wonderful feeling this one. Like being at the starting line of race that you KNOW you’re going to win even if you fall and stumble and even bruise a little, the fact that you will come out on top, is just as good as a head start 🙂

A month in and so far so good.

The stars are aligned and the universe is conspiring.

It is going to be what we make it.

All we have to do is channel the right energies.

We have started strong so that is going to count for motivation.

We just need to keep on keeping on.


Making :: A point to read about 3 chapters in the evenings of my current read.

Cooking :: It’s a new year and I ought to make my first dish of the year already. REALLY slacking here.

Drinking :: I just had a cup of coffee, my new breakfast beverage.

Reading :: The success principles by Jack Canfield.

Wanting :: I want a chalk board to hang in my room, my dreams are becoming too big to fit in my head and there’s something about the power of writing down your dreams and staring at them each morning.

Looking :: at the beautiful sunrise this morning made me warm inside. How good is God, a new day, a new beginning. So ready 🙂

Playing :: Contemporary gospel music quite often these days. I am currently in love with Coffey Anderson’s albums “Redemption” and “God Is Enough. ” My brother brought home the albums for my dad and now the songs have become family anthems. Check Coffey out on YouTube, you will NOT regret it.

side note : Did I mention that Coffey is quite the looker? Lol

Deciding :: on what to wear in the morning gives me a headache, planning the night before is definitely a better bet for me.

Enjoying :: Series season! All my series are back and i’m ready for Friday nights in 🙂

Waiting ::  on the weekend with anticipation!!!!

Liking :: this week! I have been feeling like super woman and then some 🙂

Wondering :: Whether other industries have half as much fun as we do in agency. Don’t get me wrong, we work so damn hard but we play even harder and I can’t begin to imagine myself in an industry that is not nearly as pumped as this one

Loving :: EVERYTHAAANG! Can you tell i’m in such a feel good mood today?

Considering :: I consider punching a few people sometimes and then I decide against it. lol

Watching :: less television of late. When I’m not catching up on series on Thursday, I’m going in on the books.

Hoping :: to maintain the reading momentum. I have read three books this past month already and was done with one of the three in 2 DAYS!

Marvelling :: at the power of giving of yourself to others. It really is the little things in this life.

Needing :: I have more than I need if we are being honest, God has been so gracious. So I have to say I have more wants than needs.

Wearing :: Purple office pants  and shiny grey power heels!

Following :: all things THAILAND!!!!

Noticing :: you noticing me 🙂

Knowing :: that life is what you make it.

Thinking :: that I need to go shopping real soon. I am not a big fan of repeating my outfits and I am almost going down that road. 🙁

Admiring :: Everyone around me positioning themselves for success. Such motivation I tell ya.

Sorting :: I do need to sort out my closet real soon.

Buying ::  I will be buying a lot of feel good stuff, stationery , body treats and that chalk board this weekend. Can you tell that January is over?

Getting :: irritated so easily when people don’t do what they are supposed to do.  So exhausting!

Disliking :: the Kenyan government right about now.  

Opening :: Sites, links etc with all things Thailand!!!

Giggling ::  at this . Pretty much sums up agency life in case you were wondering!

Feeling :: Pretty good about the year so far. Doing my very best and leaving all the rest to God 🙂

Snacking :: on good ol cadbury’s chocolate whenever I can!

Wishing :: that the damn government would just do it’s job! AND as if that is not enough for Kenyans….watch us go back to the damn polls to vote back in the same leaders that keep failing us!

Hearing :: my inner self a lot more these days.

 Looking forward to a February full of wins,

Happy new month &

all the best.

Love and love, 





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