Have you ever wanted to escape?

To run away from it all?

From the hustle and bustle? The pressure and the stress?

To just ran away because you don’t want to deal at that particular moment?

To take a break, to relax, to have time for YOU?

To have time for you without having to do your EYEBROWS! (Bruh, the struggle is real! Lol)

You guys know that I VALUE time away from my everyday routine and traveling is that thing that just does it for me!

Going away to reset is something I have been doing for a while (I have talked about it here and here) and it just happens that I had just about reached my end by my birthday and I really needed that reset button.

I’ve always said that taking a break is the best way to re motivate and re-energize yourself and I take every opportunity to do just that whenever I can.

This year, I really wanted to fly myself down to Thailand for my Birthday but then my priorities changed and I decided to push that particular trip, however, that did not stop me from planning a weekend getaway.


Just two words,




1st – KENYA is so BEAUTIFUL and she has so many hidden gems that I get so excited to discover each time I’m looking for a new experience.

2nd – You HAVE to go to Nyumba Erico!

Located in the Rift Valley area of Kajiado, this breathtaking property is just the place you NEED to go and unwind with your friends and loved ones as you spend your days overlooking champagne ridge, playing poker and your evenings with sun downers, Santa by your side watching the stars and the wonder that God has made of this world.



Nyumba Erico is, simply put, home away from home and then some! From Oli and Toby’s school calendar planned out by their mum and hang in the kitchen, to the stash of kitchen spices, to home games, art and crafts and even the trampoline, it is the perfect get away location from the madness that is in the city!

Aziza, Peter, Shemeji and …are just the best! Aiseeeee!




















                                                                            Needless to say, I had the best birthday weekend ever and I even got inspiration to vlog and learn how to edit videos! (This is BIG for me, especially because I’m Camera shy and I SUCK at all things tech)

Knowing me, I could write forever, so I’m just going to leave the pictures here and hope they are convincing enough to make you take a long weekend off and make your way to KAJIADO County! (Just make sure you don’t get lost and almost drive to Tanzania)

Also, if you want me to travel more and tell you guys where you can go on short, sweet holidays, leave me a comment down below and I’ll be packing and on my way!







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