It is easier said than done.

It is easy for me to sit here, typing up 649 Words, probably seeming oh so self righteous telling you to get it together and get moving.

It is easy to say, harder to do, but not impossible.




The first few days had me so excited to be getting up, to be feeding myself all this positive energy and then some and looking forward to endless bliss on the path to success, whatever that means for me anyways.

It didn’t feel like anything could come in my way. I was on cloud nine with this new found drive.

But true to form, life always finds a way. A way to get you off your high horse and see if you’re ready to deal with the setbacks.

You see, even when you get up, even when you’re on that highway to success, chances are, a wrecking ball is slowly coming your way.

Life’s way of testing whether you were built for this.

But now let me tell you this,

You WERE built for this!

The potholes, sharp corners will still be on your path, the trick is to maintain your positivity and find ways of curving the rain on your parade.

I have found that being intentional with maintaining my high goes a long way to ensuring that even when I’m struck , I find a way to pick up myself and move on faster than I normally would have.

I have found that being prepared everyday to be a step closer to my version of greatness and success makes this journey that much easier.

Here’s  a few tips to ensure that you remain motivated and on track. Besides, what is the point of driving you to stand up if I can’t help you to walk and run?


  1. Prepare for your day the night before. You already know what it is you have up ahead of you. Go to bed thinking about it. Ways on how you can conquer the day and succeed in the small tasks that you have waiting for you. When you go to bed already thinking about what ideas you need to crack for the day, there’s a good chance you will wake up having the answers you need the next day. So instead of scrolling your Facebook feed before bed, how about an article relevant to your tasks for the next day?
  2. Make all small decisions at once and get on with it. I read somewhere that most of our brain power is spent making decisions and if we spend our capacity on small time decisions like what to eat for lunch, then we barely have any juice left for the hard stuff that actually needs our brain power.  This made me so conscious of small time decisions. I now find it easier to pack a meal for lunch, pick an outfit for work a day in advance and even decide what perfume I am going to wear before hand just so that I save my brain juice for the hard stuff like “What are we going to do to change this brands perception?” (Seems like an easy question until there’s a whole team of you hurdled in a room and no one can figure it out)
  3. SET YOUR GOALS! Make them big , scary and audacious! This should have been my first point if we are being honest. There is nowhere you are going to if you don’t even know what you want to achieve. How can you know what you need to be doing if you don’t know where your destination is? Set your goals, write them down and find ways that help you get steps closer to them each day.
  4. Less time on social media, more time on your craft. Social media is a drug really. So addictive with no returns especially if you’re not using it to grow your business or brand. You want to be an artist, paint more. Want to be a writer, read and write more. Want to be a photographer, where’s your portfolio? Limit your social media time and you will be amazed at how much more time you have in a day to be #accomplishing!
  5. GRATITUDE! Nothing keeps me moving more than being thankful for how far I have come already. There’s something about gratitude for what you have and how far you have come that drives you to do even more. Bob Collymore talked about it here and I couldn’t agree more!

    There’s always something to be grateful for, surely it was not by your own doing that you’re breathing today!                                                                                                                      

  6.  Read something inspiring everyday to keep you going. There’s nothing better than knowing that others have gone before you and made it and all that you need to do is to take one more , ten more, 50 more steps!
  7. STOP hitting the snooze button! Go to bed early, get enough hours of sleep, wake up early and begin to conquer the day right from the start. I am still trying to unfriend my snooze button but I can tell you, I do more and feel more accomplished on days I wake up at the ring of the alarm. The thing is, its the first mission of the day and you kicked ass, nothing can stop you after that!
  8. I speak my dreams into existence everyday. I say ” I will” and “When I” much more than I say ” I might” and ” If I.”
  9. Recognizing your bad habits that lead to failure and saying no to them. Of all my flaws and vices, my worst is that I lack patience. Any small delays work me up. Traffic works me up, slow service works me up! And after getting so worked up, I can barely get anything done. I already spent mental energy getting annoyed and thereafter, all I can think of is how mad I am and how to get my tempers down. I have slowly learned not to sweat the small stuff, especially if I cannot change it. Instead I spend the time it would have taken getting worked up, to pick my brain on new ideas or problem solving. Sometimes, I just say a little prayer asking for more patience and a quick “Thank you” to God for giving me a situation to work on my patience.

There’s many things one can do to position themselves everyday for success,

It’s a matter of knowing exactly what you want out of your day and doing everything you can to ensure that when you get home at the end of it all, you have a giving smile because you know you KICKED ASS!

Now that you’re here,

check out these two writers who happen to say just the right things with daily and weekly emailers to keep me going. You can thank me later!

  1. Benjamin Hardy
  2. Vincent Carlos

With so much love,






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