“I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Why am I even on this space?”

“What is the point of all this?” 

Recently a lot of people I fan girl on social media have been talking about how they quit it or are quitting social media for one reason or another and I have to say that they have never been more relatable than now. Well at least for me.

Part of my hiatus and my low of lows was because social media was just not doing it for me. I wanted to use it as an outlet to share my creativity but I felt like the space had become so corroded and was portraying a life that mine just couldn’t match up to. (We’re all saying this but tis’ the truth)

…and not only this, but it was in my face ALL THE TIME!

Being in the industry, part of my JD is basically social media which means being ON , ALL THE TIME.

Where social media came about as a platform of opportunities for many to grow their brands and expand their businesses, no one prepared us for the downs of it.

The side of the platforms that breed self doubt, insufficiency, pressure to be and act a certain way and so on. No one prepared us for the dark side. 

However, I have come to learn that when your purpose for being on the platforms is clear, then the inadequacy one feels for sharing on the platforms disappears.

When you don’t peg the use of the platform on the statistics, then you’re more likely to avoid going through the dumps and resenting the very space that could breed a world of opportunity for you and your brand. It doesn’t have to be as deep as a space of opportunity, it just could be the way you show self love by sharing tit bits about your life.

…and the purpose could be as simple as “ I just want to share.”

Don’t get me wrong though, we are absolutely entitled to take a break off of social media and the reason does not have to be that we don’t know the purpose of our being there.

All I am saying is that one should not peg their lives entirely on social media.

If you reach the point at which you feel like it is consuming you, then you NEED a break and you SHOULD take it. Social media should complement your everyday life, it should not be a standard requirement for your everyday life.

Things social media should NOT be:

An indicator of your worth. The likes , shares and comments are nothing to place your worth on. You don’t need validation. You are GREAT, with or without the statistics. Funny, this is the only point I have for what SM should not be, maybe because the “unworthy” epidemic has hit the hardest and is one of the biggest downsides of social media. Remember, you DO NOT need anyone, much less the person on the other side of a screen, telling you that you are or are not worthy. That you are or are not able. That you are or are not capable. That you are or are not …(fill in adjective)!

There is only one person who carries your happiness, self confidence and sense of worth in their hands. Only ONE. That person is YOU! Let nobody lay claim to your attributes. You are in charge of YOU. You are in charge of your own validation.

…..remember, everything has a good side to it and that is where we should focus our energies. Social media could very well be your saving grace in terms of career and even self therapy, just ask me.

Things social media SHOULD be:

A sea of opportunity. SM provides one with vast networks which when put to good use could lead to a number of opportunities that you couldn’t imagine. The platforms make it easy for one to market their businesses and their brands to large target audiences that in any other day would have been unthinkable to accrue. All you need to do is figure out how best to put the platforms to good use and then just GO FOR IT, marketing budget, SORTED! 🙂

A communication aid. A tool that allows you to stay in touch with people from all over the world. One that reduces distance barriers with the touch of a button. One that allows you to make friends far and wide. It really does not have to be a place where people put you down, it could be the place where other uplift you! Befriend wisely and stay in touch 🙂

An outlet for your creativity. Before I started blogging, I would have mini rants on twitter about anything and everything. My rants became more expressive in my way of writing when She passed on and a friend encouraged me to start a blog. Turns out, I have a way with words, a way if well sharpened could lead to a book or two in the near future. See, I CAN WRITE, and were it not for social media, I never would have known. Not only that, now I am slowly developing a love for video editing. My creative juices are being put to work and I love it. Use social media to explore your gifts and talents is what I’m tryna say mate 😉

A source of income. I don’t think I need to go into the ways social media platforms could be the source of your daily bread and butter. It is simple, plain and evident. Do your research, talk to the right people, find your niche and use social media to make you some bank!

Hear hear, don’t let it bog you down, let it uplift you.

…and when you need that break, go for it!

With so much love,






  • Hailey
    3 years ago

    Amazing peace!:)

    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      Thank you 🙂 x

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