Stop looking at them. 

Yes, them. 


Those people you feel are doing better than you. Those people you look at and wonder, how have they accomplished so much, and you seem to have done nothing. Those people who seem to have everything going for them and living their best life.

Make-up on fleek, always on vacation, making career moves, owning businesses and oh did I mention that they are about to get married?

Stop looking at them.

Shift your focus!

Why not look inwards and begin by showing gratitude? Someone else is looking at you too ( they really shouldn’t but hey, we are a peculiar people).

You have accomplished! 

It may not be as much you thought it would be, but it’s something. Why not give thanks for that first? Gratitude is the beginning of your definition of success. Notice I said “Your definition,”  everyone’s journey is different and what their success looks like is not what yours will look like.

What a boring world it would be if we were all to be achieving and accomplishing in the same way.

But I digress.

My point here is gratitude. It’s the first step. I cannot stress enough the mileage that being thankful for what you already have gives you. Giving thanks brings contentment in your journey but it also gives you the drive to go for more because you want to say thank you many more times. At least it I know I do.

Shift your focus.

Look inwards and start drafting your action plan. You have given thanks, now, what’s your game plan? Where do you want to g0? What do you need to get there? What do you have now?

Set a clear goal and begin working on it. Do not fuss about how long it will take you to get it together or what you don’t have that’s stopping the progress. The process depends on you starting. beginning. doing. Stop giving excuses and just start. The rest will fall into place in due time.

So stop!

Stop wasting time looking at them and start investing your time in looking at yourself. In thinking about ways to better yourself. In setting up yourself for centre stage because that’s exactly where you’re meant to be. Your centre stage.

Remember, no two people are the same and no two journey’s are similar. We stand at different vantage points with different destinations in sight.

Some of us have all the tools we need, some of us have some and some of us have none. What makes the difference is how we make the move from that point forward.

When we have no tools but the goal in sight, are we going to give up or find ways of getting what we need?

When we have everything are we going to forget to humble ourselves and think that the world owes us so then we sit back and relax?

When we have just enough are we going to keep looking over to see what they are doing or are we going to focus on the journey ahead?

Choices have consequences and only you have the power to shape your future, your destiny. Only you, can get yourself from A to B and no hunny, no where does it say that you need to compare yourself with those ahead of you.

You set your focus and you get going.

Believe in the process too.

It is not going to happen overnight but so long as you keep putting in the work, the rest will fall into place. God, the universe and even those around you, will start aligning themselves in a way to put you closer to your dreams, your goals.

God! Let’s just go back there for a minute! God is truly, truly, truly the answer. At least, I can say that He has come through! He works in mysterious ways that I cannot explain and it is because of this mystery that I know He is working. I am not perfect and yet He still comes through. Try Him, I promise it will be a friendship that you will want to grow everyday. P.s. don’t just be friends because of what He can do for you, seek Him because you want to be better for His glory.

Sorry, but have you ever felt so filled within you that you know there is definitely a higher power out there? Man, God!

So hunny, homie, my people,

Let’s do this, yes? Let’s make it happen, and please, stop looking at them, it’s in YOU!

With so much Love,





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