I am hoping that you are all well, it has been a while.

We are at the end of 2017, Imagine THAT! I don’t think any year will pass me by without making me think that it went by waaaaay too fast! Where does the time go?

The last time I did a post like this was in FEBRUARY ( I am quite embarrassed actually) and seeing as we are at the end of the year, I figure taking stock for the whole year makes more sense.

Here goes…

Eating: I  looooove to EAT! Everything that tastes good goes into my belly. It could easily be a hobby. So I have tried to be more deliberate with picking out healthier food choices.

Drinking: I can say that I have drank soda about 10 times ( maximum ) this year! Can you believe? I started to wean myself off soda slowly last year and by this year I could not stomach more than half a bottle. The only times, I have had soda were because I had a two minute craving or I was feeling super dehydrated.

Reading: This year I have managed to read 10 books and I am currently on the 11th to mark the end of the year. I always aspire to read 15 at the very least and I keep falling short, hopefully 2018 will be the beginning of a new record. I am currently reading Give and Take by Adam Grant and it has to be my favorite ones this year up there with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Wanting: more opportunities to travel in 2018. I try every year to go to as many places locally and internationally as I can. Traveling has this way of helping me re-center , re-energize, re – strategize and come back a new! I got to travel to Kajiado and Meru and made a recent trip to Portugal which was all kinds of amazing and I am out here praying that my bank account will see to it that I can make more trips! I think i’ve said it here before that paying for my own trips gives me so much joy also, always reminding me that I am so grown up now. Lol



Wasting: no time taking up opportunities to get out of my comfort zone. I have intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations ( I am very much an introvert and it would never be my first thought to socialize or that kind of thing, I love corners) and signed up for events and opportunities and interacted with people I never would have in another time in my life. The fruits are succulent! 🙂

Creating: A space for growth in my life. I recently learned about the concept of having a cabinet in your life, and it has since been my mission to carefully pick the members of my cabinet. The people I will entrust to be my motivators, spiritual partners, those who will check me and push me to greater heights. A cabinet that I am committed to and will commit to me. I recently appointed 2 members of my cabinet and asking them felt like a marriage proposal, lol 🙂

Wishing: that 2018 will be the year of greater challenge, further growth and greater opportunity. I have loved dancing, I want to stay on the dance floor.

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor – Jackson Brown Jr. 

Enjoying: Living in Europe and being back in school! I have this crazy but solid feeling that I am exactly where I am meant to be in this phase of my life.

Loving: my hair!! My hair has shown me so much love this year. I never in my past would have walked out of the house with my natural hair and feel bomb AF. My hair was a mess! ( Bilan, I’m definitely starting to talk like you) I didn’t take care of it and it was just disaster. My hair now, WOW! Lol 🙂

Hoping: that 2017 has been a great year for you too! Should you feel like it has been one of the worst, remember nothing bad ever happens to us, what it is, is just an uncomfortable situation with a life lesson to tow… and with matters death, especially of  loved ones, always go back to Jeremiah 29:11. I can attest here and now, that no verse in the Bible has got me through life like that one has.

Marveling: at the hand of God in my life thus far but especially this year! If you told me 4 years ago that I would be standing tall in all areas of my life, I never would have believed you. Everything was crumbling 4 years ago, I was less one parent, my heart was breaking in a million little pieces everyday, I was struggling to trust in God – It was a MESS! I was a mess! I tried to hold things together, you never could tell, but on the inside, I was fragile. But then, GOD! God has made His presence known in my life and I have not known greater joy! Everyday I am astounded by His Faithfulness!

Wearing: I wore more of my heels this year, I actually bought more heels this year as well. There’s something about heels that boosts your confidence and gives you a commanding presence when you walk into a boardroom or just any room for that matter! I believe all the killer pitches I made this year had something to do with the fact that I was in my heels. I enjoyed it all!

Noticing: that I am slowly becoming a risk taker and that I thoroughly enjoy living in the moment. That I am my best self and I enjoy every moment of today, because tomorrow is not given. The me that LOVES to plan for everything, is slowly letting go and letting GOD! 🙂

Knowing: That everything that has worked out this year and everything that has not is all part of the bigger picture and I’m not stressing. It’s just Life!

Feeling: right in my soul. This year I have learned that I am unable to function at 100 when my soul does not agree. I have had to accept that some people, some situations, some opportunities are just not for me and they have had to go.

Bookmarking: my Bible. I am setting out on a mission to read the New Testament and the Psalms as I grow in my spiritual walk and I am excited! I want to hear God speak, I want to have conversations with Him and I want to know Him deeper.

Opening: text messages from my friend Danson always leaves me hopeful and looking forward to the future! I love it!

So there we have it, if I could describe 2017 in one word it has to be GROWTH! (What would yours be?)

So much GROWTH. 

Spiritually, mentally and emotionally, physically too actually ( Just ask my hair 🙂 )  My situations and circumstances this year have stretched me, they have turned, twisted, folded and unfolded me but in the end I have come out molded by my experiences.

I am so grateful to everyone that has played a part and mostly to God and I am ready for yet another year of such greatness so that I can give back all the praise to Him.

I am ready for 2018, are you?

With so much Love,









  • 3 years ago

    Glad you found yourself

    • Barbara
      3 years ago

      Thanks Girl! 🙂 xx

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