2018 is here and boy is it exciting! It’s like turning over to the next chapter of a book you’re really engrossed in and you can’t wait to see what happens next.

The end of last year ( lol, we can say that now) had a lot of us talking about all the things we would leave behind in 2017 as we carry the good vibes on to the new year, but how about those things we are carrying forward? Every journey needs some supplies and so does the one into a new year. Humor me as I share with you some of the things that I am definitely carrying on into 2018.

On Financial Matters:

Saving –  I am a firm believer in saving your dime for the future or to acquire some things you have set your eyes on. Each month, I try to save at most 20% of the income that I have made and I have found it much easier to save for specifics. I have travel savings, financial freedom savings, emergency savings and “I want” savings. This habit has saved (LOL, it’s literal and true) me so many times when unexpected costs have come up or on a rough day when retail therapy is my only solution. It’s also a good feeling when you know that you have something to fall back on.

Investing in self – I have come to learn that investing in yourself financially can be a huge motivator. Last year, I took out a big chunk of my savings to help my father finance some of the costs for my Master’s program abroad. I really didn’t have to but it felt right this way. When I’m feeling super lazy to study, I remember that some of my sweat got me here and I can’t let it go to waste. When you have spent some hard earned money on something, it is unlikely that you will default. So this year, invest in yourself and in your dreams! Pay for that Masters, get that gym subscription, grow your travel fund, monetize your content, buy new equipment, whatever it is that you want, invest in yourself and invest financially!

On God:

Tithing – During a team building, an amazing “Big brother”, French, shared about his experience with tithing and the difference it had made in his life and I thought, “WOW!” Half of the stories He told were mind blowing and it all came back to God and the power of tithing. It was there that I made a decision to begin tithing and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. There is profound power with and in the things of God.

Faith – Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains! When I pray these days, I pray with faith, I pray with conviction, I pray knowing that what I am trusting God for has already happened, and what is being handled is the technicalities and the administration work. God loves when we pray with faith, & without doubt and I am looking forward to a 2018 filled with faith, a lot of faith in Him and His word.

On Personal Growth:

Behaviour’s not goals – I was listening to a Ted talk by Reggie Rivers where he emphasized the fact that it’s not about the goals and dreams but more about our behaviour as we seek to achieve our goals. A goal can remain a goal forever and not materialize into reality if we don’t work / behave towards them. I have since focused on my actions towards achieving my goals and this is proving to be more fruitful . It is more about the “how” and not only about the “what”.

Morning Routines – these are the truth! Nothing sets my day like beginning my morning right and this I have come to learn begins the night before. It all begins by sleeping on time, so that I can wake up on time. To be awake at 6am and get an hour of bible study and another hour of exercise while listening to podcasts, I need to be in bed at 10pm. I intend on staying true to this routine for a good while.

No screens before bed – there was a point last year that I couldn’t go to bed without watching a movie and doing a last minute scroll through all my social channels and this was mentally exhausting. I would wake up tired the next day and take ages to get out of bed. I decided to cut out screens off of my night time prep and the difference was noticeable.  I have slowly slid back into those habits, but I am purposing to stay true to NSBB just because I know the difference it makes.

Knowledge – I am a low key nerd! I recently got the optician recognition after I was told that I need glasses for my sight. I am wearing them as I type this. Lol, jokes aside though, I do love my books and anything study, school, knowledge related. Books have been my guiding grace and while some of them are a good fictional read, others are mentally, emotionally and spiritually growing and are for changing lives. I have the first half of my reading list for this year on my bookshelf waiting to be opened and I am READY! Incorporate books into your life and you will not regret it! Have a book on you at all times and watch how it changes your mindset, your conversations and even the people around you.

In as much as we call on the good vibes and attract the things we want, we have to put in the effort and the work. If you ask me, it is more fulfilling that way anyway.

What are some of the things you are carrying forward into the new year?

I hope you are able to pick out some things from this post for your 2018 walk and I look forward to some of the things that you will share on what you are carrying forward.

Sharing is caring, let’s grow and glow together! Have a fulfilling 2018 my dear readers and may God bless you all!!

With so much Love,






  • 2 years ago

    I’m so proud of you Barbie! You’ve grown into such a mature and devoted young lady! Ah!

    • Barbara
      2 years ago

      Awww thank you Wangechi! It means a lot 🙂 xx

  • Achieng
    2 years ago

    Always a refreshing read! You know I am one of the many #1 fans of your scribblings. Never stop writing; and reading.

    • Barbara
      2 years ago

      Aww thank you for always coming back 🙂 Never 🙂 xx

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